8843715454?profile=originalWhere many Joe Jonas’ fans are rejoicing to see him shed his clothes for Guess men’s underwear, the singer and model recently revealed that his friends aren’t liking what he did. He said, “My friends who don’t want to see that … like, my buddy who’s a real estate agent in L.A., his office is right near [the billboard], and he drives by on La Cienega every day. He’s like, ‘Screw you!’ He’s sending me pictures, like, ‘I hate this. Why do I have to look at this?’ I love it. It’s torture for him.”

8843715665?profile=originalThe singer himself found it funny how his pals reacted to his bare torso and sporty underneath fashion. However, in an interview with People magazine, Jonas said that he’s extremely proud of the images for his Guess underwear campaign.

8843715501?profile=originalThe icon added by saying that he was in London when he actually got to see himself in those skivvies on the hoardings. He stood there for a while when some people passing by noticed the resemblance but they didn't say anything outright.

8843716090?profile=originalAmong the other sensational happenings, Joe Jonas revealed that he underwent a strict regime where Ava Knight, a boxing champion kicked his butts to make him prepped for the tour with Salena Gomez and DNCE.

8843715692?profile=originalHe had to get the physique right with a lot of boxing and off course dieting that made him look so chiseled and hot.


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