The process of beauty transformation is like a game between difficulties and entanglements;

From zero to one, from nothing to something. Those who are born beautiful enough to shake their eyes are just a drop in the ocean. However, most people are attributed to ordinary people. The detailed explanation of the process related to beauty is only due to the continuous accumulation of aesthetic knowledge and the continuous sublimation of their sensitive cognition of beauty.

For example, Mitsuki, a blogger, once admitted that before she became a fashion blogger, she was just an ordinary finance woman, walking around the office in the CBD building. Just because of the influence of my mother since childhood, I have a deeper understanding of beauty, and I began to pay attention to dress and color matching.

She was not born with the millions of fans she has today. But in the continuous summary, metamorphosis has now the "blockbuster". To that end, before I started, I made a point of looking at some of the pictures she'd shared as a blogger in the first place.

Long green cardigan + big flower floral dress, first of all, such a deep black green, is basically not appeared in the photo of the last two years of Miki bloggers. Secondly, there is a big gap between the big flower dress and the minimalist French retro style she has shared in the past two years. The color matching is dull and the selection is complicated.

The three wood of this stage, according to her present tie-in level, style, match color take hold is completely different as two people.

Precisely speaking, Mitsuki began to share out of the picture, it is easy to give people a style of mistake. A white U-neck T-shirt like this one has a number of subtle lines on the body and cut-out elements at the cuffs. Doesn't it look a lot like our high school t-shirts?

Such a style of wear, most likely to wear out is lovely and sweet. Sanmu will be matched with jeans with it, the lovely feeling of green and pretty is very direct present.

Or, occasionally also want to walk a little woman's sexy wind. Blue half dew sweet shoulder stripe jacket, tie-in exaggerated white trousers of wide leg, if this blue white match color builds the evil spirit of little woman to be confused feel enough. But when I look at her overall look, I still feel a little "too hard", swinging between sexy and little fresh and nifty, and it's hard to form a recognizable beauty.

Summary: the reason why Mitsuki has the current fashion achievements, some time ago also with his mother was invited by the fashion media on the fashion magazine, is also the permanent guest of many brands show. And she has such an impressive fashion achievement, absolutely not overnight, but time and again to improve and advance.

Now, as a famous fashion icon with millions of followers, her path up the fashion ladder is also a reminder. Dress beauty is not beautiful, it is the process of a ceaseless trial and error, and we also can from her body, shorten us to seek beautiful shortcut, from her past learn in order to apply relevant wear build skill, for this, I also summed up a few recruit tie-in train of thought.

Tie-in train of thought one: those who determine oneself wear take a style

Before Miki became a celebrity, she was also uncertain about her style. And now we look back at her wear, we will find that her wear style is relatively fixed, is the minimalist gentle French style of retro, choose a simple basis, it is difficult to see colorful wear.

Her path to fashion advancement began with deciding on her own style. The choices are no longer diverse and varied. No longer struggling to trial and error on the edge of trends and fashion, constantly give yourself a fashion upgrade.

Today's wear, always to wear to do "subtraction". Minimally simple wind restoring ancient ways, with a few little details go ornament. For example, this white shirt and jeans, dark coffee color belt and suede pointed single shoes, the overall color echoes each other and embellished color, looks more neat and generous, very recognizable.

Collocation idea two: more in-depth understanding of wear matching proportion

How to explain the proportion of wear, is to use in our daily wear, with the naked eye visible visual error effect, perception of waist line, leg length, neck, height. "It" looks like it's real, but in reality it's just a visual gap created by the proportions.

Before, sanmu also has to wear the consciousness that takes proportion actually, wear before from her to take a model also can peep in one or two. But the sense of consciousness or action is not very strong, and even occasionally a little embarrassed to wear a 50-50.

But see her nowadays wear build, she basically waist line, neck, ankle these can build the collocation detail of figure scale, span the paragraph that king from bronze completely, raise waist line is she is worn take a key, a person sees what know her to wear take train of thought.

The details are pinched just right, and each suit is being worn to emphasize the importance of waist line, neck line to the utmost. Even when the clothes themselves weren't waist-sculpting, she was still trying to show the proportions of her body, the way she wore them.

Delimit key: we can't help summing up, wear the weight that takes a proportion to be emphasizing the importance of waist line actually, waist line must be to avoid 50 minutes, most main still should give priority to with tall waist line.

We ordinary girls do not have so much time and energy to pick up fashion aesthetic premise, so we must know how to wear take foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses to shape wear take proportion, according to their own figure complement each other, and then the waist line collocation to create a wear take figure proportion can be.

Tie-in train of thought 3: the matching color scale with exquisite

When it comes to matching color scale, there is a place to be found basically in the wearing model of sanmu. Based on her fixed French minimalist style, she will choose the collocation ideas from the main color, auxiliary color and embellishment color to match, that is, in accordance with the 6:3:1 color matching formula as the principle.

① : 6:3:1 color formula

6:3:1 of the matching color ratio, we also have a popular name, called the collision color collocation. Set out from integral modelling normally, choose large area to give priority to tonal, ornament color is just small area shows a little just, cause to wear on the vision the administrative level feeling that build, make a person find something new and refreshing.

Ornamental colors are generally applied to small areas of color that overlap the details of clothing, accessories, and belts.

(2) : 1:1 color matching formula

1:1 color formula, that is, on behalf of the overall wear of the color is the same color, it can be different materials and texture, but from the brightness and purity of color, they belong to the same color.

1:1 wear matching color formula has an obvious advantage, can reduce the time cost of your matching, do not know when to wear, choose 1:1 matching is the most safe but the most accurate and not wrong.

Miki bloggers wear a lot of color matching, in fact, these two types of matching as the main focus. Through reasonable and clever color matching, dress into the elegant and intellectual side of French style contracted wind.Read more at:formal dresses perth | red formal dresses

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