"Handsome girls really have nothing to do with boys" this sentence is not to say for fun, European and American actress Charlize Theron is one of them, was given the title of "human wrench" by netizens, whether from the style of clothing or hair and makeup, are very cool and handsome.

Her handsome is different from the woman to wear men's handsome, also is not the handsome that leaves little brother hairstyle, the female single product female makeup sends out now on her body, changed taste instantly.

As the change of the environment, entertainment circle originally praised highly of "white young thin" the sweet model belle of the money has not been popular, this kind of already can and the boy "blow to the bottle" the dominie that can do boudoir honey with the girl again to resist elder sister wind just is popular.

If Sai Huang alone proves that this style is unconvincing, the previous Night of Beauty Women's Power shows how much this style works, featuring Ni Ni, Tang Yan, Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Li Bingbing, and Sun Li, with stunning and historic images.

However, these domestic female stars, in real life and not particularly strong aggression, but the emperor is different from others, in no work when the private server street shot, she can still pull the image of cool to the extreme.

He knows how to use all his resources to enhance his self-worth. Compared to his red carpet look, this look is more attractive and handsome. The combination of lazy and domineering effect is really "rare in the world".

A slightly androgynous style is especially suitable for lazy girls. It's not trapped in the body, giving your skin room to breathe. Second, because it does not have too much contour sense, to simplify the complex, the atmosphere is calm;

3 because it is natural and unrestrained, languid is lazy follow a sex, although you choose the trouser tie-in of ink painting money lazy person word to drag, also won't let you feel you are inappropriate, absolute leisure is absolute victory.

Of course, it's not all about laid-back style, but occasionally it's nice to wear something a little sophisticated and decent.

Condole belt + sunscreen unlined upper garment, nine points straight jeans configuration, suitable for Asian women in shape, as well as suitable for the European and American type of figure, is suitable for students of 20 party for reference and mother generation selection for 40 +, but one thing to note, it is not particularly strong gender boundaries, just like the boy style little sister don't choose it.

The 46-year-old is no longer a little girl, so she doesn't wear delicate colors or choose feminine fabrics. Her simple androgynous beauty is what she always pursues.

Choose wave dot money jacket to match straight tube jeans this time, adjusted the style between female and male very well account for proportion, the dress style of flat half minute is in her cool modelling add hold below, become particularly unique.

If you also advocate this clean and neutral beauty, you can also learn from these three aspects of her wear skills, practical is very strong:

First, in the case of do not mind exposing the figure outline sense, it is suggested that we can choose some cool and outline the body of the single product, if you particularly mind exposing the figure outline, you can refer to the beginning of the article when the emperor's wear, loose will not necessarily not not good-looking.

Second, the king never deliberately pursue what to dress, casual is still always her main tone, so when dressing up, we do not need special dazzling skills, do not need to show off the belly, choose the boyfriend wind T-shirt knotted wearing method, also do not need to show flesh, do not remember to choose the hot girl shorts.

Like her, the simple choice of a dress can stand out from the rest, and the asymmetrical hem at the front and back, with low necklines and slit sleeves, didn't stop her.

The third point that should be noted is that the color of a single product should not be too conspicuous. In order to ensure the neutral beauty, most of the colors of a single product are cold colors without temperature. Basic black, white and gray are the most common choices, while others like sapphire blue, emerald and deep purple are also often included in the list of candidates.

This kind of color selection method can not only let you become more authoritative, but also let the figure is not bone sense of the elder sister fade greasy, cool and comfortable.Read more at:formal dresses online australia | short cocktail dresses

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