How to Turn Into a Hipster: 9 Steps

Do you want to become a hipster, but don’t know where to start? Look no further, because we’re here to help you with that! Here are 9 actionable steps you can take to turn into a full-fledged hipster.


Step #1: Invest in a hipster wardrobe.



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Some popular hipster labels include H&M, American Apparel, ASOS, CobraSnake, and Urban Outfitters. However, you should never ever shop at their stores (because consumerism is frowned upon in the hipster community). Instead, seek out those labels at independent retailers or thrift stores.


Buy skinny jeans, cardigan vests, v-neck t-shirts, ironic tees, plaid shirts, cowboy shirts, fitted hoodies, and “old people” clothes. Even better, get clothes with the following hipster-loved prints: gingham, plaid, checkers, paisley, and vintage florals.


Step #2: Score a pair of ironic eyewear.


Ironic eyewear means ridiculously uncool glasses, such as nerd glasses, Buddy Holly glasses, or shutter shades. Well, hipsters love those. Whatever kind of glasses you decide to get, they have to be oversized and thick-rimmed.


Step #3: Buy a pair of converses.

You’re not a hipster unless you own a pair of converses. The more colorful your converses are, the more likely the hipster crowd will accept you as one of their own.


Step #4: Get a hipster haircut.


If you’re a girl, get bangs and uneven layers. If you’re a guy, go for a James-Dean-inspired look. The messier your haircut is, the better.


Step #5: Top off your outfit with a courier bag.


Hipsters love courier bags. Not backpacks. Not purses. Only courier bags. Make sure your courier bag (preferably with Fidel Castro’s face plastered across it) can fit your MacBook and iPhone. Speaking of which, here’s the next step…


Step #6: Become an Apple fanboy/fangirl.



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Despite the fact that hipsters wear nothing but $3 thrift store shirts, they don’t think twice about shelling out 2 grand on an Apple product. If you have an Android phone or a PC laptop, some hipsters will judge you. Harshly. They’ll tell you that you know nothing about art and creativity because ‘droids and PCs are for boring technical folks only. Even if you get an iPhone, you’re not safe yet. You have to invest in an artsy phone case, such as the one above. If your phone case is a solid color or, even worse, a “template” purchased at the AT&T store, you’re not a true hipster.


Step #7: Get an Instagram account.


Instagram – or as some people would like to call it, Hipstagram – is all the rage in the hipster community. You’ll need an iPhone first, of course.


Step #8: Develop an obsession with mustaches.


There’s something about mustaches that hipsters absolutely love. They wear mustache shirts, throw mustache-themed parties (with mustache cake, no less!), and even get mustache tattoos. Love the heck out of mustaches, and you’ll be a hipster before you know it!


Step #9: Move to a big city.


Chicago, Austin, San Francisco, Portland, and New York City are some of the hipster havens you can find around America. Just be sure to move to an artsy, hipster neighborhood, like Wicker Park in Chicago. If you don’t, you’ll run into a lot of hipsters who won’t see anything wrong with calling you a yuppie or a wannabe. Yeah, hipsters – especially the veterans who have been hipsterin’ it up since ’03 – aren’t always so nice.


Congratulations! You’re now a skinny-jeans-wearing, courier-bag-carrying, MacBook-toting, Instagram-obsessed hipster with a mustache fetish! As long as you don’t profess your love for Dave Matthews, you’re golden (or brass, since gold is, like, so mainstream.)

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