The shape of the wig is often considered when we choose a wig, and there is a very popular wig shape recently, that is, the deep wave wig, and young women and girls have begun to accept the comfort brought by this kind of hair. Most tresses with deep waves are in healthy condition, looking natural and elegant.

If you’re thinking about changing your look, be sure to try a deep wave wig. But no matter how good a wig is, it needs good maintenance to better show its beauty. Do you understand how to take care of deep waved hair? Today we will first introduce what deep wave wigs are and their advantages, and then we will introduce a very simple care guide to help you maintain your deep wave wig.


What is a deep wave wig

A deep wave wig means its hair is styled with deep waves. This hairstyle is similar to body waves, loose waves or natural waves, only with tighter curls. With different styling techniques, it is able to stay in style for a long time.


 Why deep wave hair is so popular

Women and girls love deep wave hair for the shiny fullness that many of us crave. With proper care, your deep wave hair will usually last for at least 12 months.

The deep wave virgin human look is one of the best looking and its healthy cuticle and ends make it a favorite of many. This hairstyle has a natural shine that makes the hair appear thick.


General Care Tips

1. Wash and condition your hair regularly.

2. Before shampooing, gently remove your hair. Avoid rubbing or twisting your hair.

3. Add a mild shampoo to cold water and rinse your hair. Rinse thoroughly.

4. Use a towel to absorb excess water and let the hair dry naturally. Do not expose to sunlight.

5. Gently comb through deep curls with your fingers. Don’t brush your teeth.

6. Comb your deep waves all the way to the roots.

7. Hair may become tangled if these care instructions are not followed correctly.

Where to buy the best and cheap deep wave wig

Hope these hair care tips help you, if you are looking for a good wig store, our hair mall is the place you should go. We have a wide range of quality wigs and are doing events with lots of coupons. Our deep wave human hair is 100% human virgin hair and affordable.

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