How to provide more security

Since the rape of a jogger in Leipzig, many ask themselves whether the public space is not sufficiently monitored. In Leipzig, therefore, not only policemen in reflective vest, but also people from the administrative office are concerned. They carry the somewhat bulky title "city order service". In the dispute over the security situation in the city, it was called upon to give these inspectors, as in Dresden, more powers. What does the city ordinance actually do? What is he responsible for?

They do not spread nodules. They work for the department of city ordinance, service group center.

50 employees are on the road

Since it is known that a rapist in the park has massively mistreated a woman, they are in two shifts, according to Kasich: "We are now primarily as a presence here, we should be seen to deal with these incidents as far as the police are concerned, we must consult the police service.”

According to the police in reflective uniform, the city ordinance fulfills sovereign functions in Saxony. It is to guarantee security and order. At present, about 50 employees are on the road. Other colleagues work in the service. Inspectors like Kasich and Rotting are five to six hours each day in the center of the city. They control whether street musicians are complying with the requirements, documenting badges and removing symbols of constitutionality. They also eliminate used syringes.

Self defense training once a month

Ms Kasich buckles a broad belt. Attached to this are stitch-proof gloves, mobile phone, animal defense spray and a kind of Swiss pocket knife, which she bought herself. Once a month, according to Kibosh self-defense, "The main reason is that we can ward off attacks, and if someone is a threat to himself and others, we must put him on the ground and fix it for a moment the police in safety vest remain calm."

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