Here is the six-step guide on installing and mixing your clip-in extensions with your regular locks, and we guarantee you will have culminated your strategy in the blink of an eye!

Pick the Perfect Extensions

So priorities straight, before you consider culminating your method, you should decide on the right clip-in hair extensions. The excellence of remy hair extensions is that they are accessible in various lengths and loads, implying that it couldn't be simpler to pick those that will change your locks without harm.

We suggest using our 100g clip-in hair extensions for thin hair, as the 150g wefts might feel excessively weighty and pull at your underlying foundations. Our 100g clip-in hair extensions are accessible in 18 and 22 inches, contingent upon how long you maintain your locks should be. As an aside, an 18-inch extension will stretch around the center of your back, and 22 inches will be simply over your midsection - this part is about private inclination!

Make A Base for the Wefts

Whenever you have bought your clip-in hair extensions, look at fitting them interestingly. The way to progress is to make a strong base for the wefts, which will assist them with remaining secure later and disguise the clips. It will likewise prevent the clips from pulling at your hair, which can get very awkward.

To do this, each time you segment your hair to cut in a weft, splash a little spritz of hairspray onto the root, then, at that point, bother the hair utilizing a tail brush. Tail brushes are incredible because they are commonly fine-toothed, implying that you can prod your hair without causing harm.

Track down Your 'Protected Zone

By a wide margin, one of the significant strides of accommodating your wavy hair extensions clip in in fine hair is tracking down your 'protected zone.' This is the segment of hair where the clasps won't be seen any higher than this 'protected zone,' and you won't have sufficient normal hair to conceal the clips. Commonly, your 'protected zone' falls in any part underneath your eyebrows, so to track it down, essentially follow the line from underneath your temples to the rear of your head. The hair under this line is where you will cut in your extensions.

Settle On Your Wefts Situating

Before beginning to cut in your augmentations, you will profit from exploring different avenues regarding different weft positionings. The last thing you believe you should do is segment out your whole hair, prep your extensions, and bother the root to find that the weft needs to be corrected. As everybody has different hair types and head shapes, this might take somewhat experimentation. As your hair will be slightly more slender, you'll have to carefully consider places with a lot of normal hair to go on top of the wefts to cover the clips.

Set up Your Wefts

When you have thought of where to put your wefts, you'll have to set them up before cutting in rapidly. Utilizing your Superb Jealousy proficient detangler, cautiously brush out your hair augmentations, guaranteeing that there are no bunches. By detangling before clip-in hair extensions, you can try not to pull at the clasps once they are fitted and strain your scalp. After brushing your extensions, you are prepared to start cutting them in!

Bother the Hair on Your Crown

Since you have each weft cut in, and your locks look lengthy and voluminous, you've likely observed that the highest point of your hair looks level. This is normal as you will have more hair at the lower part of your head contrasted with the top, yet don't overreact! Similarly, while making your base, utilizing your tail brush, delicately bother the regular hair on your crown. This will assist your extensions with mixing consistently with your hair, making a more voluminous look. On the off chance that you're not excessively sure how to prod your crown without seeming as though you have a bird's home on your head, investigate Everything Hair for a simple task-by-step guide!


With your new perfectly lengthy mane, the style opens unending doors, yet for those with tiny hair, our most loved is a delicate twist. By twisting your extensions with your regular hair, they will be much more straightforward to stow away, culminating your mix and trying hairstyles for valentine’s day. Make sure to pick segments that consolidate your hair and expansions, then twist these together.


Ayana Anderson is a professional hair stylist from last 10 years. She is expert in hair styling and ombre hair extensions.

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