How to Pack Lightly for Your Summer Vacation

It’s time for a summer vacation and some fun! Therefore, don’t let anything stress you out, not even  just a little bit. For starters, those of you who constantly seem to be troubled by overpacking should learn some new tips on how to make your luggage light and effective, so that you don’t have to feel inconvenienced by the weight of your bag. Not to mention that you probably won’t even get to use all the stuff you bring, as you most definitely have experience with that already. So, what can you do to pack lightly for your vacation?



Check the weather

Regardless of what your summer vacation destination is, it’s always pretty easy to find out what the weather forecast for that time period is going to be. So, instead of bringing an equal amount of warmer and lighter clothes, you can see for yourself exactly what kind of weather you can expect. In general, cold waves don’t tend to last long in a warm climate, and there’s really no need to bring a ton of warm items. You probably won’t spend a lot of time in jeans and sweatpants anyway, so you may want to travel in one and pack the other just in case – no more. Also, one long-sleeved shirt and a light jacket are usually more than enough in this case.

Imagine your outfits realistically

It always helps to imagine and plan what you’re going to wear every single day during your vacation. However, you have to be very realistic about this. Also, use your previous experience with vacation outfits to organize and plan the things you’re going to wear, and pack now. For example, you don’t need different shorts and skirts for every day of your vacation, and especially not if your main goal is going to be hitting the beach every day. For instance, two pairs of shorts and skirts is more than enough for every day, and then you can add a light and breezy dress and/or a longer skirt. What’s more, think about multipurpose items that go well for both the beach or something casual as well as a more relaxing night out. That said, don’t forget to pack all of your favorite women’s underwear in order to complete all your summer looks like a pro.

Go easy on the accessories

For some reason, we always think that we are going to wear more accessories than we usually do when we pack for the summer vacation. However, remember that your habits are not going to change accessorizing-wise just because you’re changing the scenery for a while. Ditch the bulky jewelry and stick to your favorite dainty pieces that you know you like wearing and which pair well with every outfit. If you’re interested in trying beach scarves (sarongs), you may want to buy one when you get there. If you want to bring a scarf with you, you’re only going to need one! In that respect, choose a color/pattern that can match well with various outfits.



You don’t need a ton of swimsuits

Swimsuits can present the biggest challenge when it comes to creating a perfect beach outfit. Therefore, it’s important to check whether you’re going to be able to your clothes with during your vacation stay. Even if you pack really lightly, you can still bring at least one or two of your favorite swimsuits. Before your vacation, it’s good to through a selection of one piece swimwear online and choose a trendy yet body conscious one. In general, just one in neutral colors for every day, and maybe one or two printed swimsuits for keeping up with the latest spring/summer trends.

What about the shoes?

You are not going to wear all of your sandals and stilettos on your vacation! Choose one pair of flip-flops/sandals/wedges for every day, one pair of shoes that are comfortable and suitable for a night out, and travel in sneakers. That’s it. You really won’t need different kinds of heels and footwear styles when all you’ll think about is having fun and relaxing in the new surroundings.

It may seem hard to ditch all the clothes you have in your wardrobe, but just think about what you wear on a daily basis at home. You may be surprised when you realize that you don’t really use that many items to put together an outfit during the course of two weeks, or for however long your vacation is going to be. Keep that in mind when packing as well.

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