Eyes are the window of the heart. If you have big eyes that flash and flash, you will look much more beautiful. Of course, the eyes are also very important when taking photos. You should learn to tell your heart with your eyes. So, how to take a photo with good eye contact to make the photo more exciting?

Above all, must have a pair of bright and vivid eyes, at this time the United States pupil is used, myopic dear friends can choose invisible. Contact lenses also have the effect of beauty pupil to some extent. However, couples must try it out a few days before filming, as it will cause some discomfort and require an adaptation period for the eyes to be more natural.

Secondly, the eyes must be natural, not wooden staring at the lens, so that the effect will be very hard, very artificial. When shooting, relax, forget the existence of the lens, as much as possible to present the most natural state. A lot of girls like that kind of sexy languid style, when shooting this style, cannot stare at the camera, the eyes are lax, there is no focus, often more flavor.

If you're taking a photo with your partner of a couple's photo or wedding dress, you should pay more attention to eye contact. Usually, when couples take wedding photos, they either hug or kiss. Most of them use some actions to explain their intimacy, which makes people feel tacky. If you will look very good use, it is a certain distance apart, amorous looked at each other, four eyes relative, or the bride bowed their heads and gentle, was enough to make everyone feel your happiness and sweetness.

Take pictures with good eyes, have look the pictures, the use of eyes but a university asked, to ensure the piercing eyes, and to ensure the look natural, third, we need to learn to speak in the eyes, looks be like simple, but not so easy to do it, everyone is a good practice. 

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