In 2018, the production of oil and gas improved significantly in the United States, jumping from 12% to a whopping 16%, creating a record of oil and gas production in the world. The country jumped to higher numbers beating Russia to become the world’s largest producer and supplier of natural gas in the world, and consecutively beat Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to become the leading supplier and producer of petroleum in the world.

For the United States of America, the production of oil and gas industry is segregated evenly, and the production of oil is made up from a variety of liquid-based fuels, like natural gas liquids, bitumen, and crude oil. In 2018 alone, the country produced 29 quads of petroleum comprising 82% of condensate and crude oil while the remaining 18% from the natural-gas based liquids.

Due to such wide dominance of the oil and gas industry, it would be a shame if you are not privy of the branding strategies. If you don’t know how to check out these valuable tips to improve branding and increase the profit of your oil and gas business.


Organizational marketing brings more leads than you can imagine.

Organizational marketing is one of the most important elements if you are planning to create visibility for your business and generate potential customers towards yourself. It holds equal value for small and large businesses alike, and no one can underestimate its worth. As an owner of an oil and gas business, you need to be unique about your branding endeavours so that you get standout from the rest of the crowd.

 Build a strong brand persona for your business revolves around your line of work and make it stand out so that your business gets the attention it deserves. We strongly advise you to focus on unique branding techniques and use them effectively to grab attention. Aside from that, offering custom oil and gas uniforms to your workers and employees gets your business a competitive edge in terms of branding and promotion.

Not only do these custom uniforms make your workers look more professional, but they create strong visibility for your logo that people will remember for a long time. You can also do some sort of branding on your machines and other equipment, allowing them to represent and promote your business all day long, regardless of where they are.

Always keep in mind that the branding you select for your business should be consistent and should always comply with the image of your services. For instance, if you are targeting prospects and stakeholders, you can create branding in such a manner that creates resonance and gives out a fresh feeling for your business.


Create a robust digital marketing strategy

If your oil and gas industry is not digitally present, then you are missing out on a lot of leads that may take your business to the top. It goes without a doubt that you need to be as assertive as you can in your approach towards digital marketing so that you get the customers you are searching for. Having a strong presence digitally opens the door for a lot of opportunities and makes your business thrive in the international market.

Apart from that, you should develop a catchy website for your business, highlighting all the necessary information that may entice your prospects and existing customers. If you are not sure about how your design should be, hire professionals to design you your dream website, one which reflects your business thoughts and ideology. You can also add your future business goals to your site.

Do SEO for your oil and gas business

Create your pages and build your presence on various social media forums. If you don’t have experienced digital marketers, visit and hire an agency to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on your business website. Get it to rank higher on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page). Through this, you’ll get people related to your business and will land on your website to know more about you. SEO allows you to get ranking on Google pages, and if your website is ranked in the top three, there is a 70 percent chance that people will land on your website.

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