How To Get Rid Of A Nose Piercing Bump

You are probably reading this article either by chance or there is a bump on your nose piercing that has been bothering you. Nose piercings undergo a normal process of healing just like any other piercings in your body. The area around the piercing has some redness and, it swells and itches. Sometimes, there is bleeding or bruising for a few weeks. White pus may ooze out of the area but you need not worry about anything. Typically, a nose piercing will be fully healed within six months.

However, there are some instances when the piercing will take longer to heal or worse, will develop complications. One of the common irregularities that usually forms is a bump. A nose piercing bump can be identified into three kinds: a keloid, pustule or granuloma. The first one is similar to a scar, the second one can be likened to a pimple with a pus, and the last one is a lesion or an abnormality in your skin.

What Causes a Nose Piercing Bump?

Bumps can form due to a multitude of reasons. First, bumps can form due to poor nose piercing aftercare. When you do not establish a habit of cleaning your piercing regularly, the area may accumulate dirt and bacteria which can cause bumps to form. Second, not using hypoallergenic products for your piercing.

Even if you do clean your piercing, it might still get infected if you are not using the right products. Use sea salt solution and delicate cotton pads when cleaning your piercing. Third, constantly touching your piercing. One of the things you have to refrain is touching the pierced area especially when your hands are dirty. Cleaning your piercing will not be enough if there is constantly a source of dust and bacteria. Lastly, if you are allergic to the material your nose piercing jewelry is made of, then bumps will still appear no matter how much care and cleaning you do.

What to Do with a Bump?

When bumps appear, you must refrain from draining the pus or removing crusts forming on top of the pierced area. Doing so may cause scarring or hinder the wound from completely healing. If you have a bump and is anxious to do something about it, then do any of the things below that suit your specific case:

  1. If you are allergic to the jewelry, then it is best to change it immediately. Most surgical steel nose rings have a trace amount of nickel. Some of your options that you may go for are titanium or gold. Note though that if your piercing is fairly new – less then six months old – then have the jewelry professionally changed. Do not attempt to do this on your own.
  2. Clean your bump 2 to 3 times a day using a sea salt solution. Before you clean the pierced area, wash your hands first with warm water and antibacterial soap. Thereafter, proceed with cleaning your wound with sea salt solution. You can either soak a piece of paper towel in the solution and hold it against your nose for at least 5 minutes. In the alternative, you can also use a cotton ball dipped in the solution and gently press it over the area.
  3. When you feel like you have done everything to take care of the bump on your nose piercing, then it is time to see your piercer and have it professionally checked. Your piercer is the most reliable person to talk to with regard to taking care of your piercing and treating bumps until they disappear.

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