How to easily replace a flat tire on a car

There is a mess on the road, so it can happen, you often don't even know how to just puncture a tire. A small defect can be sealed, but with a large one, you have to replace the whole tire. How to do it?


A flat tire is one of those nightmares you don't want to happen. I know from personal experience that this is an annoying thing. However, if this already happens, then you have two options, ie with assistance service three.


For new cars, it is rare to have spare tires, in some cases, it is not even possible, because there are, for example, hybrid drive batteries in the place of the reserve, so the spare wheel is simply nowhere to put. Instead of a wheel, however, in most cases, there is an adhesive set.


This is good, but only up to a certain percentage of the extent of the damage. If the bike breaks up in such a way that you don't know where the tire ended, then gluing won't help you, unless you glue your mouth in amazement.


In any case, as soon as you feel a flat tire, turn on the hazard warning lights and drive down the curb. An important part of moving outside will be a reflective vest, wear it and place a warning triangle about 50 meters behind the car to prevent another, bigger accident.


Small defect - spray and adhesive set

The spray variant is used if the crack or damage to the casing is really small - up to 3 millimeters. So all you need to repair is a special spray. If you find a crack, clean the area of ​​any dirt - especially if you have run through the mud.


Then shake the spray well and place the hose in the valve, squeezing a special liquid into the casing, which flows into the place of damage and heals it. You should leave the tire for at least half an hour. The recommended speed after repairing the defect is 50 km / h, if the hole was really small, then it should not be a problem to go faster, but it is at your own risk.


The second variant of repairing a small defect is an adhesive (repair) kit. These kits are special in that they contain both glue and stuffed air, which should be enough to inflate the wheel. The procedure is quite simple. Remove the source of the defect from the tire and apply the spray again to the correct place on the valve, and then inject the contents inside.


It should be noted that this option cannot be used for a long time, but it is better to use it once and come to the car repair shop as soon as possible, where they will repair your tire. Likewise, the kit is not suitable for repairing cracks on the sidewall or when the defect is not visible. Of course, air can escape during the subsequent ride, so it is not ideal to ride the tire for a long time without repair.


Large defect - tire change

For holes larger than 5 millimeters, you will need to either call the assistance services - in cases where you do not have a spare wheel or replace it with a spare one. Assistance services are in most cases free of charge, agreed to third-party liability. If you do not have such a convenience, you can also call it, but you will have to pay.


If you decide to replace the tire yourself, you will need important components. These are the jack, the wrench for loosening and tightening the bolts, and the spare wheel. The vast majority of these items can be found under the luggage compartment floor. If they are not there, it can be a problem - or try looking into the hidden corners of the car. The car's owner's manual could also help, which also describes, among other things, how to proceed when changing the tire on your car and where to place the jack.

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