How to Dress up for a Cocktail Party

Trend of meeting people has taken a new phase; Cocktail party is the platform for socializing. This new culture has been readily accepted and followed by all the corporate houses. Though a cocktail party is more of a high end culture but nevertheless it is becoming quite common all across.


First impression is the last impression. Sticking to this one liner; one has to justify his/her presence in any cocktail party as the purpose of it is to socialize. If you don’t look impressive or attractive, then accept a hard truth, your purpose to come in a party will not be served.

Getting dressed up for any party is as important as the purpose of the party. Wearing a ill-fitted Cocktail Dress, with no matching shoes and an abrupt hair-do will take you to the blunders. It might make you de-fashion diva or may be a laughter stock for the party. So, you must buy the best cocktail dress before stepping in a party.

Here are few things about a Cocktail Dress which will work in wearer’s favor:

Definition: Cocktail Dress is worn specifically in cocktail parties or semi formal events.

Length: Usually it is ankle length, around 2 inches above ankle known as tea length. But if it touching ankle then it is called as ballerina length. Things have changed over a period of time, thus shortening the length of Cocktail Dress. Nowadays it is called as LBD or Little Black Dress. LBDs are well fitted smart dresses with a little bit of sequence or lace.

Ballerina length dress later found its relevance for formal dances not for balls though.
Whether it is formal or semi formal event, a wedding reception or a just a get together with friends, woman is adorned with a beautiful Cocktail Dress. Selecting a suitable dress according to the event is easier said than done.

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