There is a common misconception floating around that Natural Hair is hard work. We debunk that myth, starting with wash day for 4C Hair.

But “wash day” does not have to mean all day long! It’s completely possible to complete a wash day in less than a full day, even with 4C Hair.

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Here is how you can keep wash day fun, quick & effective from the start to end:

Make it a weekly affair:

Do not go more than 10 days between washes that ensure your Hair is getting the T.L.C. it deserves the most. One of the essential parts is creating a routine is turning it into a habit. Our natural 4C Hair Type & coils need regular hydration, so you should plan for wash days every 7 to 10 days.

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Incorporate a pre-shampoo treatment:

It will help detangle and soften your strands before cleansing your 4C Natural Hair. Though you may be doing nightly hair twists , 613 hair or the braids, natural Hair still very much has a mind & this may incur a few knots/ tangles throughout the week.

So, before you dive into cleansing your hair, do a pre-shampoo treatment the night before. Ideally, you will want to pre-poo for at least 1 hr before your wash day.

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Start by double cleansing:

It is key for the weeks when you use shampoo. Double cleansing is the antidote suggested in skincare works on your 4c Hair! You can double cleanse your hair by going in with the same shampoo twice

Once focusing on the scalp & roots, the second focuses on your strands from mid-length to tip. It will ensure that your hair is squeaky clean before moving to your next step.

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Conditioning is a MUST:

No matter what. You may skip one or more steps here & there based on your hair needs, but you always need to condition if you have 4c natural hair.

Use it generously, and make sure you have coated your strands in a healthy layer of product before rinsing out your conditioner. If you have conditioned properly, your hair should feel softer & will already have more springs.

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Hair masks are your friend:


This hydrating cleanser is infused with French Argan Oil and was formulated to improve manageability & softness. It gently cleanses without drying 4c hair, replenishes vital moisture & maximizes shine.


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Rinse the mask out:

Use warm water & follow with a cool rinse to seal. It will help to detangle and soften your strands before you start cleansing your 4C Hair. Wash out the mask thoroughly with the lukewarm water once your hair is detangled and as soft as possible.

Infuse additional moisture:

Do this with a leave-in conditioner & a lightweight, hydrating oil. Add a leave-in conditioner to your strands to protect them no matter what the week throws its way and lightweight oil that can soak in while the drying process is underway.



creating a consistent and effective 4C hair wash day care routine is essential for maintaining healthy, beautiful, and well-nourished natural hair. By following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your 4C hair gets the care it deserves. Remember to start with a pre-wash treatment to detangle and condition your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo, and deep condition regularly. Additionally, incorporating protective styling and moisture retention techniques, as well as maintaining a balanced diet and staying hydrated, will all contribute to the overall health of your 4C hair.The Ultimate Black Friday Sale is here, and it's a game-changer! Enjoy 50% OFF discounts across the board and elevate your shopping experience. 

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