How to care for your lace wigs?


Maintenance is essential for your wig, everyone knows, here are the best methods to maintain your human hair wigs.


How to wash your lace wigs?

When washing your human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs first, remember to apply the specially designed, mild shampoo and conditioner on your wigs.

The regular shampoo may damage the vibes of hair, leading to the curls and frizzy.

Rubbing your hair also leads to frizzy hair. So it is better to massage the scalp to hair slowly and gently, then rinse the foam on the wigs. Squeeze the excess water through the clean towel, and then wait for it to air dry.


How do you maintain the luster of wigs?

First of all, regularly maintaining your wigs is essential. This means regularly washing your human hair wigs, and then applying the conditioner to keep them smooth and softness of wigs.

Apply the conditioner from the roots to the ends of the wigs, wait for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse the wig with cold water. This is useful to hold the moisture of the wig, and also avoid frizzy hair.



How long wigs can last?


The lifespan of wigs depends on the quality, and wearing frequency. For your human hair wigs, the suitable maintenance can last one year or even more. For synthetic hair wigs, the wigs can last 3-6 months.

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