With one page-turning event after another, Timex watches have stood the test of time since 1977. Thus, they celebrate their rich heritage with the "Given for Generations" campaign. Timex has the ideals to spread joy and peace with iconic watches from one generation to another, just like other significant brand names like PAC-MAN and Coca-Cola. So, you can easily take part in that delight and purchase branded ladies' watches online to present to your loved ones or to give them to yourself.

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The soulful design of the watches is a matter of pride for Timex as they are renowned for craftsmanship and quality of watches. Timex brought chaotic enjoyment of innovation to the industry of three hundred years by intertwining American ingenuity and European clockmaking. Furthermore, the low-cost watches from Timex never compromise on quality, as evident in the watches from the "Given for Generation" campaign, which are for end-of-season sales with forty percent off on them.

Timex Watches and Other Brands to Cherish Nostalgia

As apparent in the name "Given for Generation," Timex celebrates the timelessness of it all, and in doing so, they salute other brands that are timeless as well. Such as,

  • Coca-Cola

Timex honors the famous "Hilltop" commercial of Coca-Cola, which became an everlasting motto of endurance and hope just half a century ago. Timex presents three commemorative styles to inspire you to spread peace, harmony, and love, just like Coca-Cola did all those years ago by simply sharing a coke.


If you are looking for digital watches, don't look further than the Timex T80 X PAC-MAN Digital watch. PAC-MAN came into your lives just after Timex launched digital watches for the masses. Both the organizations marked that time as a turning point in the arcade scene and future designs for watches. Now, Timex celebrates the two icons of the 1980s and the 40th anniversary of PAC-MAN by introducing the PAC-MAN watches, which have the designs of a stopwatch, alarm, and a display unit, but it also plays the melody of PAC-MAN with the retro flair.

Revolutionary Watchmaking of Timex

Timex brought a revolution in watchmaking by incorporating cutting-edge technology in products in sports, outdoors, and style categories. They continue to steer the wheel of time by making timeless timepieces. They present watches for you like Timex Easy Reader and Waterbury that are enriched with minimalistic, practical, and timeless designs.

Timex embraces its long legacy of one hundred and sixty-five years of not just watchmaking but also innovation and passion. As a result, you can wear the Timex watches with an air of confidence and uniqueness that you can find in smartwatches in India. You are already part of the legacy if you own a Timex watch. 

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