FAQ about wear and go glueless wig-wearing

The wear and go wigs provide convenience and different functions on wig wearing and style changes, however, they also possibly leave the trouble on wearing. Here are the answers to different common issues.

Question 1: difficult to adjust

The wigs can be adjusted following your head, however, someone may feel discomfort.

Method: Ensure the wigs are suitable for your head, Adjust the strap at first, then apply on your head through combs or clips.



Question 2: knots

After frequency application, the hair is easier to tangle and knot, especially for synthetic hair wigs.

Method: Regularly brush your wigs to remove the knots, also useful to keep them smooth of wigs.

Remember to brush your hair from the ends of hair, then follow the way up. Attention to the maintenance of your hair.


Question 3: fall off

Some hair may fall off from your wigs, whether human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs.

Method: Attention to the maintenance of your wig, including washing methods, brush, and storing place.


Question 4: breathable

Some wigs may not be comfortable enough to wear because of unbreathable feels.

Method: Select breathable wigs, such as wear and go wigs. Also, regularly removing your wig is also useful.



Wear and go wigs provide comfortable and convenient wearing for wearers, however, all coins have two sides, following your needs to select the right human hair wigs for yourself.

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