The glueless wigs can be divided into different types, following your preference to select different installations of glueless wigs.

The traditional glueless wigs come with an elastic band, lace front, breathable cap, and some light tack fibers, these materials allow the glueless wigs to stay securely on the head of wearers. What’s more, the convenient installation avoids damage to your natural hair.


First type: Glueless lace wigs

The glueless lace wigs are installed by an adjustable strap, and through come with lace materials to leave the natural hairline for wearers, the glueless lace wigs are more comfortable to wear. Glueless lace wigs can be made of different types, including glueless frontal wigs, glueless closure wigs, pre cut lace wigs, and M-cap wear go wigs.

The newly glueless wigs are M-cap wear go wigs, come with 9×6 inch lace, and are versatile for black girls to refresh their hairstyles. The M-cap provides a fitted cap for wearers and is more comfortable to wear.

Second type: Headband wigs

The trend of headband wigs is that can experience different styles of headbands for wearers, from cool to cute, not only to secure your head safety but also to achieve quick wear daily.

The main benefit of headband wigs is that they are affordable and friendly to beginners.

Third type: U/V part wigs

The U/V part wigs installed by clips, allow the wearers to blend the wig with natural hair. The benefits of this type include creating voluminous hair and being affordable for each girl. They are more convenient than human hair bundles and easy to wear and remove for your daily wear.

The glueless wigs of different types show various features, and these can be selected followed by your preference. The glueless wigs of human hair reduce the damage that comes from glue, heat, and weather, leaving them breathable and comfortable to wear.

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