Engagement Ring Trends for 2024

Choosing the perfect engagement ring for a woman requires the undivided attention and devotion of her suitor. He has to contemplate many requisites ranging from his woman’s preference and style to the current engagement ring trends to pick one that stands out. If you’re considering proposing to your love in 2024 with an engagement ring that you haven’t yet decided on, we’re here to help you.

Having said that, don’t rely on us thinking we’ll put on an out-and-out show and come up with some engagement ring options for you that match your woman’s style goals. What we’ll actually do is enlighten you about the engagement ring trends that are going to rock in 2024. So, sit tight and peruse this article in all its entirety.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

The classic trend of platinum engagement rings is fading away in the present times. The metal that’s started to gain ground as regards engagement rings nowadays is yellow gold. Many celebrities have played a part in setting the scene for this trend, such as Alex Cooper, Vanessa Hudgens and Barbara Palvin. All these Hollywood ladies proudly flaunt their yellow gold engagement rings. So, there’s no doubt in admitting the fact that engagement ring trends for 2024 point toward yellow gold calling the shots.

You can consider choosing a paraiba tourmaline engagement ring in this metal because it looks exceptionally good with just about any color gemstone, especially with diamonds. Moreover, if your inamorata has a warm skin tone, a yellow gold engagement ring will enhance her beauty.

Engagement Rings with Multiple Stones

Be it the toi et moi or three-stone style, the year 2023 was all about engagement rings with multiple stones. Jewelry designers and experts suggest that this trend is going to continue in 2024. Women are more focused on getting over-the-top engagement rings in the present times rather than settling for classic solitaire ones. Gone are the days when a suitor could propose to her woman with a basic diamond solitaire engagement ring.

If you do that now, chances are you’ll end up landing yourself in an argument with your partner. And we don’t blame women for discarding solitaire engagement rings in today’s times when posting photos of your engagement ring on Instagram has become an inevitable trend. Everyone wants to go bold with their engagement rings, and this inclination will only extend in 2024. You can get an affordable engagement ring in multiple stones by choosing small gemstones.

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A Blend of Color Gemstones

This one isn’t a new trend, just like the previous one, but its chances to rule the year 2024 are pretty high. Encrusting the engagement ring with a combination of different color gemstones is something every woman wishes for. This trend of proposing to a woman with an engagement ring featuring different color gemstones first gained ground when Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana with a sapphire and diamond engagement ring. That ring has inspired so many jewelry designers to fashion not only rings but also other jewelry pieces by mixing and matching different color gemstones and styles.

The iconic engagement ring of Princess Diana still attracts public attention like nothing else does. Nowadays, people don’t hesitate at all in fashioning their engagement rings in the most unusual fancy color gemstones. So, engagement rings with different color gemstones will trend in 2024. Choose a ruby and tsavorite engagement ring to contribute to this trend.

Chunky Engagement Rings

According to Statista, the average cost of an engagement ring in the US was about $5,500. 2020 was the year that made everyone realize that nothing more is important than good health, family & friends. Ever since that year, people have started taking their health, family & friends seriously and all the other things lightly. This much needed realization among people is the reason why they’ve started spending more on one of their most special purchases, engagement rings.

Couples are now inclined toward making their engagement as special as it can get by choosing dramatic engagement rings with chunky bands. They no longer invest in dainty engagement rings. The year 2024 is going to be the year of extravagant designs and styles as regards engagement rings. So, a chunky engagement ring is your best pick.

The Bottom Line

These are the engagement ring trends that are likely to rule in 2024. Over-the-top engagement rings for women have become extremely important in the present times. So, you might want to set a big budget for your engagement ring. You can shop and buy your engagement ring from GemsNY because it's one of the most popular jewelry brands in the United States


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