Elegance is the pursuit of a woman's life.

Mention "elegant" two words, can always let a person full of beautiful reverie, or a shallow smile, or a tea posture, or a leisurely watching the flowers bloom and fall in front of the court. Elegance is not innate, but a gift given by time. Seemingly natural, it is actually the accumulation of accomplishment and the natural revelation of temperament from the inside out.

Accordingly, want elegance, character, accomplishment, dress be short of one cannot.

Here are 3 tips for dressing well to make your style look better.

Before I begin, I want to make it clear that there are not always rules and regulations about how to dress. All the rules are just a shortcut to look good. It may change your dress and affect your aesthetic. Well, without further ado, let's begin this episode:

Rule 1: Be good at using classic color schemes

Color in a woman is the first impression of wearing, and the comfortable beauty of clothing, but also from the visual beauty brought by color good impression, the body relaxed feeling. At middle aged female character, want to know colorific glamour more.

A lot of people think colour is more difficult collocation, actually colour also is those who have language code. For example, no color and no color collocation, how can not go wrong; With color and no color collocation only need to pay attention to the area; The mutual echo between color, also need to understand color only can.

For example, the classic combination of black and white. A lot of people wear not give gas field and temperament, it is to ignore its tie-in detail actually. For example this one suit, simple black and white, because the detail of the shirt is designed, sleeve of V get, lantern lets the combination of shirt and trousers of wide leg appear not monotonous and boring, and of pearl necklace, earring and fisherman straw hat join, it is the source of elegance, temperament. So when it comes to dressing well in black and white, the most important thing is the design and details of the accessories.

For color + no color (black, white and gray) wear, it is more simple. For example this one suit, shallow and light green sweater is tie-in black trousers of wide leg, shoe and cap, more highlight the relaxed, clean of green, whole is dressed to appear more temperament. Therefore, for the collocation of color and no color, only need to pay attention to the large area of no color + small area with color safety and durability.

It should also be noted that for the choice of color, middle-aged women are more suitable for light light color, that is, the color will be added to gray or white, light color can better foil temperament.

A little more difficult is the matching of colors/colors. This requires some control of color area and details. For example, the following two bodies, the left side of the large color, but because the shirt color in the dress color, so the whole has a sense of unity; The one on the right is relatively simple, using the matching of accessories (scarves and shoes) to give the dress a sense of color but not clutter.

In a word, if you want to wear the same color or color echo well, the key is to find a sense of unity, whether it is clothing and clothing or clothing and accessories, with unity, there is a visual aesthetic feeling.

Rule No. 2: Be brief but detailed

Concise is not detail its key depends on choose money and collocation. Middle-aged people have passed the time to follow the trend, but it does not mean to give up the trend completely, but to find a suitable trend in different trends, and know how to choose and not be stuck in one's own way.

For example, in the choice of floral skirt, what is more suitable for middle-aged women is light bottom and light print. For example, the following suit, with white as the background color of light print embellishment, is pure and fresh and elegant, which is also easier to control.

Or choose some slightly with a sense of design of clothing, such as V-neck, sleeveless, bubble sleeve, lantern sleeve and other styles, or fold, lace, wrinkle and other elements, can make the dress more fashionable.

On collocation, in addition to conventional on short next long, on the Panasonic tight and so on, you can also try this kind of long next long, on the Panasonic loose wear take. The overall collocation will give a person a refreshing feeling.

For example, in the daily common long shirt + wide leg pants wear, especially and show gas field. Wear to such build, its point shows waist line namely, no matter dress length, loose, waist line just is the most important.

Rule 3: Classic pieces are easier to wear with elegance

In middle-aged women, want to inadvertently show the aura field, the choice of basic classic sheet is very necessary, effortless fashion. Classic wide-leg pants, blouses, white T's, little black dresses, shirtskirts, etc. These pieces are simple yet versatile and can create more sparkles.

Sweaters and wide-leg pants match, a simple straw hat will show different elegant demeanour; Simple stripe T is tie-in wide leg pants, do belt with a silk scarf, can give a person different visual experience.

In addition to individual items, classic accessories are also the icing on the cake. For middle-aged women, the element that can improve their temperament most is pearl. No matter it is daily, commuting or on important occasions, a pearl necklace and a pair of pearl earrings can quickly enhance the aura of the whole dress.

And in daily wearing, can use to act the role of more, hat, these can let contracted foundation dress more show simple sense, and collocation rise more also show delicate.Read more at:www.formaldressau.com | formal dresses adelaide

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