Don't panic about what you wear in summer

Dress in summer must not panic, do not blindly cut clothes because of hot weather, also do not because of the change of people around the way of dressing, blindly follow.

This summer, as long as you have a pair of shorts and a skirt, you can deal with any situation or circumstance.

Not only can show the body charm, but also won't affect the mood because of the weather, very standard "kill two birds with one stone" style dress way.

Shorts are inevitable in the summer, but are all shorts good on top? The answer, of course, is no.

Different leg model has different requirement to the design of knickers, different dressing style has different fabric requirement, with respect to knickers, it is the general term that a kind of sheet tastes only, the person that understands fashion knows to divide them for 36 69 etc.

To say what to wear shorts in the summer is the most appropriate, suit shorts is undoubtedly the best choice, first of all because its fabric is serious enough, even if the overall effect is not so dignified shorts version, meet suit fabric can give a person a professional sense of competence.

For professionals who clock in to work every day, it is really a "life-saving straw", leisure and formal, even if the boss read, will not say that you influence the company.

The second advantage of suit shorts is the length of the legs. Different from the three-quarter length of the denim version, they are located above the knee, both in terms of style and color, and have a very good ability to modify the figure.

For crotch thigh thick and big leg of the little sister, the effect of covering meat is comparable to the speed of shaping, with it and pure white T-shirt or temperament shirt collocation is a good choice.

If you want to be a bit more specific, you can also choose to plug the corners of the dress, or directly choose a short but crotch length of the top to match it.

The last thing you should choose from suit shorts is their ventilating effect. They have the crisp feeling of denim shorts and have the air permeability that denim shorts don't have.

Edition model is able it has the simplicity of real silk satin, still at the same time than real silk satin knets much block the ability that flesh shows thin, summer wears it to go out, comfortable and fashionable.

Suit shorts also have a stealth function is that it is very inclusive, besides can be inclusive tolerance figure clad style, it also include gender include age, the age of 18 sister can wear, 40 years old sister also can wear, girls can wear neutral wind, sweet sister can also wear cool wind, lightly cooked minimalist girls wear can also show great charm.

In addition secretly tell everyone, suit shorts also have a very strong ability to heighten, wear not to wear high-heeled shoes can wear a supermodel temperament.

In the same way as shorts, the bottom is the skirt, which is also made of suit fabric. At first sight, it looks smart and intelligent.

Whether it is a new workplace or an old workplace, wearing it in the company will not feel you overstep or drop prices, very unconditionally catering to the atmosphere of the office.

However, we need to pay attention to the version and length of the skirt when choosing the suit skirt. In order to better balance the workplace and life, the skirt style is best to choose the high waist A-word skirt.

From the waist to the bottom of the skirt was a radioactive state, both show spirit and fashion western-style, can use the skirt of the shaggy-style to cover meat show thin and can increase and decrease age, collocation of flesh color shirt or slim T shirt can give a person a very realistic effect, copy will not go wrong.

The last thing the article needs to emphasize is that, no matter we finally choose shorts or short skirts, the length of the garment must be controlled in the knee up and down three centimeters, too long easy to pressure the height, too short and will expose the body defects, carelessly will make a mess.

But if the workplace is not suitable for the appearance of a single leg dress, you can also choose a slightly modified suit pants to replace, whether it is practical or stylish, it will not be much worse than shorts and short skirts, if you have to say a difference, it can only be not too cool!Read more at:short formal dresses | sydney formal dresses

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