Do you like riding a bike? Remember about safety

With the increase in temperature and the arrival of sunny days, more and more cyclists appear on the roads of the Ostrów district.


The bicycle is an economical means of transport that has a good impact on our health. Due to the spring weather, more cyclists appear on the roads. Therefore, policemen from the KPP Road Traffic Department in Ostrów Mazowiecka, out of concern for the health and life of two-wheelers, started an action plan called My bike, my life, aimed at the safety of cyclists on April 1. Police officers will pay attention to the behavior of cyclists on the road and car drivers towards the drivers of two-wheelers.


The officers remind you of the proper equipment of the two-wheeler and the traffic regulations for cyclists.


Before leaving, remember to check the technical condition of the bike, e.g. lighting, brakes, and tire condition. A reflective vest will additionally mark our presence on the road. A cyclist should use a cycle path, and in its absence - on the right side of the road.


We should also remember that it is forbidden to drive on the road next to another road user - unless it does not obstruct the traffic of others or endanger the safety of other road users. Moreover, the use of the pavement or footpath by a bicycle rider is allowed only if: an adult takes care of a child under 10 years of age who rides a bicycle, the width of the sidewalk along the road on which vehicle traffic is allowed at a speed greater than 50 km / h is min. 2 m and there is no separate road for bicycles, a bicycle lane or the weather threatens the cyclist's safety on the road (snowfall, wind, downpour, black ice, dense fog) - then the bicycle driver gives way to pedestrians and is particularly careful.


Remember that it is forbidden to ride a bicycle: on highways and expressways, after a pedestrian crossing (you need to get off the bike and carry a two-wheeled vehicle), on the road - if there is a designated bicycle path or there is a shoulder, without holding min. 1 hand on the steering wheel and feet on the pedals.


Moreover, a person riding a bicycle must not "cling to a vehicle", tow another cyclist or a person on roller skates or a skateboard, transport another person on a single bicycle, talk on the phone, hold it in their hand, ride after drinking alcohol or taking drugs.


Children up to 7 years of age can be transported in a special seat or a special trailer pulled by a bicycle. Children over 10 years of age can apply for a bicycle card authorizing them to cycle on a public road. Parents who allow their children to cycle on the street without a bicycle license show extreme irresponsibility for their health and even life.


Recently, many bicycle paths have been created in Ostrów Mazowiecka. The police remind you that according to the road markings, they are driven on the right-hand side. Remember that if a bicycle path crosses the road, the same rule applies as on a pedestrian crossing, i.e. a cyclist is obliged to stop before entering, and only when he is sure that the car is not approaching can he pass. A cyclist has priority only when he is on the crossing.


Let's remember the basic rules of the road - so that each trip ends with a safe return home and nice memories.

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