DIY Hand Henna Tattoos :)

Hey guys killin year also known as Caleb EXO 13 and today I'm polish I'm going to be showing you how to get these awesome hand henna tattoos that have been trending absolutely everywhere so if you guys want to find out how to get this awesome hand henna using these pens then just keep on reading.


So I'm using these henna markers you can pick them up at the store you can use an actual henna Kate if you like yourself but I like the markers cause it made for easier control with drawing so I went ahead and used the black markers and I started by making a swirl in the middle of my hand and connecting it at a circle then from there just make little petals all the way around the outside of the circle.


This is a really good way to start at a henna tattoo and it's a very common look that you'll see in many henna tattoos as well and it's a really good starting point for our hand tattoo so once you're done that go ahead and make bigger petals connecting all the little petals together then once done that I went ahead and did little petals again on the outside of all the big petals that we just did from there you will have this kind of looking finishing flowered product.

So I went ahead and I did six swirls on the outside of the entire little flower thing we just made so go ahead and do that and just kind of try and space them out as evenly as possible and you want one swirl to be going up your middle knuckle if that makes any sense I'm going to draw that one right here so it goes up my middle knuckle.


So it'll connect to what we're going to do on our finger and just continue making these swirls and then connecting these into circles as well so from there I'm going to make tiny little loops scallops or petals whatever you want to call them on the outside of these as well just to add a little bit more detail into our own little design that we have here.


So go ahead and do that on all six little swirls so from there this is what your finishing product will look like so then I'm going to go ahead and make these little triangle or pointed arrows coming out of each of them it was just a little design that I saw on another hand tattoo and I thought it was really cute so I went ahead and did about five of these four or five of these coming out of each flower then on the flower that's connected to your neck.


We'll go ahead and make the last stem or triangle facing up then I went ahead and make a little upside-down u shape and connected it to a V shape at the top with one straight line and created a little bit of a circle edge on all these just so it wasn't so harsh but the only thing with using these markers that I notice is that they do kind of blend a little bit into the lines in your hands.


So if you want to use real henna for this it's probably better for little details like this but you can use the markers so I went ahead and dotted all along towards the top of my finger and then put a line underneath it and then I'm going to make little petals again connecting to this line I think created another u-shape facing the opposite way towards the petals that we just did and try to make it as dark as possible at this point the kind of markers.


We're starting to run a little bit low and then I basically from here just kind of free handed a little bit of designs going on so I made a triangle shape with a cone kind of curve at the top with two dots in it and then created a line instead and then I just found all these different intricate ways of connecting the rest of these together so I did petals again on the edge of the cone and then some scalloping again on the line that we have just made again you guys can just  freehand from here and fill up the rest of the space.


I decided to just add another curved edge and some more pedaling or scalping and just different ways that I could connect the rest of the details together and so it's a really fun project and you guys can be as creative as you want to be when you use a real henna kit or the pens like I did and this is my finishing result.


So I really hope you guys like this and it is such a fun summer project so that is the complete DIY design for how to make your own little hand henna if you guys decided to do your own DIY hand henna and do a recreation of my list or your own design be sure to tweet or Instagram it at both polishness so we can check it out if you guys so much reading and I'll see you guys all in a future post bye.

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