Covid-19 coronavirus and our new world view


Hello everyone!
In this article, we are not going to talk about clothes from great designers, luxury brands or other subjects related to the fashion world.
This is a very personal blog article that only engages my person and therefore my point of view.
A point of view that is meant to be a way to find some "logic" in the situation we are currently living. It is not and never will be the truth, just another point of view among the many points of view that the world and the Internet can count by millions.
A vision that wants to be outside the world of fashion and luxury, but above all a vision that tries to see, in an objective way, the situations of the past, present and future.

Do you remember our life before the coronavirus?

Until a few months ago, the world lived in a certain lightness, a kind of unconsciousness. Of course, in this state of unconsciousness, we knew that changes had to be made, be they social, environmental or otherwise.
During this period of confinement, our relationship with time, as well as our professional, social and friendly landmarks, was disrupted.
However, we must admit to ourselves, and this is a very human feeling, our words and actions never really correlate.
Let's take some very light and funny examples: our New Year's "wishes", or our desire to start playing sports and then sit in front of our TV or computer screen watching our favourite movie or series with a piece of cake or pizza.
These examples given must be the type of situation that many people must experience in their lives.
Then came the month of March.
A month that will be the beginning of a series of decisions that, for many people, could only take place in a fictional work.

The origin of Covid-19

A virus, whose official origin is believed to come from China, is beginning to cause several serious illnesses among the population and the Chinese authorities see themselves as powerless to control the disease.
The Chinese state, faced with the high risk of propagation that this virus may have, decides to warn the WHO in order to prepare the world for a future danger.
In just a few months, we have seen, witnessed and witnessed, totally powerless, a radical change. A situation that did not worry many people, at least in the countries of the West, has become such a great health threat that half of the world's population has had to be confined. Such an important decision that the world economy will be penalized for a period that is still very uncertain. A world economy that may even create future tensions between developed countries. That is another story and geopolitics is not our domain.

What is a coronavirus?

A little reminder of what a coronavirus is. Coronavirus is a virus belonging to the family Coronaviridae. The name Coronavirus comes from the growths that surround the virus that resemble a crown. These viruses are mainly responsible for digestive and respiratory infections in humans and animals. This can be a common infection such as a cold, but it can also be an infection that can lead to respiratory complications such as pneumonia or serious respiratory symptoms.
These viruses can be transmitted through the air, through secretion and through contact with contaminated objects.
Generally, the incubation period, i.e. the appearance of the first symptoms is mainly between 3 and 6 days.
The name Covid-19 simply refers to the fact that the virus was discovered in the year 2019.
So when you have the flu, you have a coronavirus.

Can we see a positive aspect during this pandemic?

There is one rather positive point to be made. During this period when countries have slowed down their trade and tourism, the most observant have witnessed several events around the world.
Thus, for example in Venice, the inhabitants could see in their waters the return .... of fish, dolphins and swans!!
And yes, as the activity of the gondolas and other boats for tourists had greatly slowed down, no longer stirring the mud on the bottom of the water, the Venetian waters were able to regain their cleanliness and clarity.

Thus, despite a slowdown or even a total halt in the global economy, air quality has also improved in several countries around the world.

A characteristic and a double-edged sword: our fear of the infinitely small forces us to confine ourselves, but at the same time brings us a much better air quality...

Is there a cure for coronavirus (CoVid-19)?

This is a question that many people ask themselves and it is currently very difficult to give a clear answer.
On the one hand, we have a draft answer in the form of a vaccine that the big pharmaceutical companies are actively seeking.
On the other hand, we have solutions from a number of leading health professionals and world-renowned virus experts. Among these solutions, we have large-dose vitamin C cures that have been tested on patients. The most famous of the current solutions and also the most controversial in France: the hydroxychloroquine put forward by the French professor specialized in infectiology and microbiologist, Pr Didier Raoult.

Now, what to do after this pandemic phase?

Now we know one thing and it will be very difficult to confirm the opposite: it will be difficult to start a life again like the one we knew before this crisis. We are all aware that the world that is opening up will not be a return to our habits. We are going to enter a new world, a slightly more complex world, but one that is largely unknown.

Despite the legitimate concern it gives rise to, the only alternative is to take the initiative. In times of chaos, when everything is uncertain, the only possible way forward is to act, to test, to learn and to adjust according to the results. Perhaps a questioning of our willingness to act and a little less suffering.

Taking a step back, this article does not present itself in a very positive aspect, nor in a negative aspect, it does not seek to give or find solutions or even an opinion on the decisions taken during this period. It is intended to be realistic to the extent possible.

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Covid-19 coronavirus and our new world view

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