The bib trousers originated in the West, with the popularity of retro style, once again appeared in the crowd in a brand-new style.

Modern overalls have undergone earth-shaking changes in terms of workmanship and collocation.

Some people love it, but some people are not friendly to it, thinking that its "childhood" will make people feel particularly artificial, but in fact, my friends, the childishness of bibs is not the same as naive.

Compared with regular trousers, bib pants are not just as simple as two more shoulder straps, because besides them, there is a chest protector that determines whether they are fashionable.

The chest protector is once again called a "meal list". Only when the shoulder strap and the chest protector are selected properly can the charm of the overalls be truly interpreted, and can people feel the age reduction without losing the femininity, what is naive ≠ naive~

When choosing bib pants, we must focus on choosing a shoulder strap. Among them, there are two recommended ones.

The first is a very user-friendly lace style. You can decide the length of the lace according to your height and weight, so that you can easily do not get stuck in the crotch and not fall off.

The second type is suspender trousers with metal buttons. This type of suspenders can weaken the delicate atmosphere from the form, so that it can be rigid with softness and rigidity with softness.

So how can we make these two bibs be naive but not naive?

First of all, we can start from the color of the single product. For the vast majority of ordinary people, whether you are a staff or a student, the most commonly chosen pants color is the basic black, white, gray and blue.

This principle should also be followed when choosing bibs. Use basic and low-key colors to dissolve bibs that are too immature, which is practical and safe.

A large area of ​​pure color bib pants will give people a particularly elegant and quiet feeling, whether it is warm tones or cool colors, this advantage will exist.

If you want the overall style to be more distinctive, you can change it in the jacket. Tight-fitting cropped camisole, regular round neck T-shirt, pure white abstinence shirt, gentle self-cultivation knitting are all styles biased and versatile. The wrong style.

When choosing bib pants, you must pay attention to the looseness of bib pants. If you don't want to be mistaken for "silly girls going into the city", you must definitely not choose bib styles that are tight on your body.

In order to maintain the bottom line of adult dressing, it is not recommended that you choose the overalls with large cartoon prints or embroidered flower styles. Simple and capable can not only meet the dressing requirements without losing the beauty of youth, there is a certain chance of natural age reduction. To catch.

Bib trousers, as a representative item of youthful beauty, have numerous advantages. Take the most basic skin covering and slimming, the crisp fabric and loose version, the effect of supporting dissatisfaction can easily cover the body. All imperfections, even during your pregnancy, it can still become your most loyal "partner".

If you want me to recommend some of the most suitable fabrics for making bib styles, denim and workwear are indispensable, and corduroy and pure cotton can also be tried.

If you want to increase the degree of recognition, you can also choose classic bib pants. Black and white check bib pants with a five-to-fifth ratio are the first choice, followed by dense vertical stripes bib pants with introverted literature and art.

If you are taking the street hip-hop style, you can also try the ink-sprayed graffiti bibs from the recent fire. Irregular polka dots and mixed colors. The effect of putting on the upper body is both artistic and artistic, and it will bring a little bit of taste. Small and fresh.

In order to meet the summer dressing requirements, suspender shorts have also become the object of everyone's vying for pursuit. When choosing them, in addition to the points that need to be paid attention to in conventional suspenders, everyone also needs to pay special attention to the front chest patch and trouser legs. The ratio of the length.Read more | formal dress shops

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