Where do you start when it comes to picking the color palette for your wedding day? Because of Pinterest, many brides have multiple ideas for what they want their wedding to look like. However, often times having all of the different pictures and wedding dresses thrown at you can be overwhelming and it's hard to know where to start.


Here are 6 options for the perfect palette:


1) Consider the Season:

The time of year plays a big role in the colors you choose. You want the look of your wedding to seamlessly flow together to create a beautiful atmosphere that will be memorable. Different seasons result in different colors.


For summer you may want to lean towards the light pastels, blush pinks, lavender and neutrals. This creates a very effortless and airy look that is perfect for the summer time. For fall, you may want to stick with maroons, reds, and oranges to keep with the fall season. For a winter wedding, you may want to pick some deep green tones, silver, black or navy.


2)Start With Your Favorite Color:

You or your groom's favorite color is a good place to start! We all have favorite colors or colors that we are drawn to. If you love blue, pick the perfect shade of blue for your big day. Even though most brides make these decisions, involving your groom will ensure that you have the perfect color that combines what the both of you love!


3) Soft Neutrals:

You cannot go wrong with neutrals. From champagnes, to blush pink, to light grey neutrals are perfect for a soft color palette and make for some stunning photos. Instead of the attention being drawn to the details of the mermaid wedding dresses or bright colors, the attention will be drawn to how beautiful your bridesmaids look in the dresses!


4) All White Everything:

Nothing says wedding like the color white! These weddings can be absolutely stunning with white and ivory throughout the entire reception space. All white weddings are very elegant and classy and bring a sense of sophistication to the table.


5) Metallics and Sparkle:

This is a big trend at the moment. Everywhere you look, sequin bridesmaid dresses are taking over! But there is good reason, these dresses add a “wow” factor that is perfect year round. If you are having a New Years Eve or Old Hollywood themed wedding, metallics and sequins are the way to go. A metallic palette is for the bride who wants to make a statement.


6) Pops of Color:

Having a fun pop of color can be a nice addition to your wedding look and decor. Pick simple bridesmaid dresses and have a fun pop of color for their shoes: from hot pink, to bright yellow, to green, or even red. This is a great way to express your personal style by incorporating that fun “pop”!


When choosing your wedding palette, make sure it is special to you and your groom. You want it to reflect your style and personality while remaining elegant and fun!

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