As the advancement in packaging designs and styles has skyrocketed in the recent era. Even the most overlooked products of the past, such as lingerie items, come with their own distinct packaging. Astonishing and convenient lingerie packaging has taken the lingerie business to the next level with their unique designs and storage convenience. They are manufactured from both rigid and bux board materials. They can be printed with dynamic and high-resolution prints both in terms of typo and graphical details. They can be designed in any size that the packaged product may require them to be in. Their surface can be given any finish that may be the demand of the consumer or the place where the product is about to be displayed.


Why Its first Need for Business?


Lingerie packaging has given a whole new dimension to the lingerie business. Where there was a time when underclothing was kept somewhat in shades and not given so much of an apparent attraction, these boxes have brought them in to highlight and provided them with the persona of something useful and worth an exuberant display. Lingerie brands have cashed out on this opportunity to the maximum, and this is why we see new and dynamic designs of packaging for lingerie items. This packaging is manufactured from any material that may be adaptive to the nature of products that they are supposed to carry within them.


Lingerie packaging has revamped the way underclothing is displayed and valued in the retail market. Where undies were used to be under shades with no apparent display and focus at all, these boxes have brought them into the limelight and made people realize that these products are also something that should be given focus and attention. Let us have a look at some of the latest clothing packaging boxes that have hit the trends chart of the year 2020.


A touch of silk:


This type of box has a silk lining that looks exceptionally suitable to the delicate items of lingerie that are packaged within them. The top lid of this box is kept transparent to let the target customers visualize the finesse of the packaged product along with the expensive touch of silk that is created with the help of the inner lining.


The Can shape:


This can be rated as one of the most unusual and attractive designs that have been introduced by a company named “xnmnpom.” These packages look exactly like a tin can that we normally see carrying fizzy drinks. The surface of the can is printed with a net lingerie design on the top and bottom, whereas the middle section of the can is in the base color. The company logo, along with all the necessary product information, is printed within the top portion of the lingerie design in the base color of the box. Not only does this Lingerie packaging box look exceptionally unique, but it is also a convenient way of storing lingerie items without any awkwardness.


The transparent bread bag:


“Kohberg” launched its range of women underclothes in these clear bags that help visualize the product to the maximum while giving them a unique and feminist appearance. The bags are in pink shades that portray the essence of feminism, and the top front part is left unprinted with only the product being on display.


She Shell Multiple Packs:


Another hit design of Lingerie Boxes that have taken 2020 by storm is the assorted multiple packaging box by “she shells” they have a range of premium underwear packaging that has seven assorted underwear, one for each day of the week. They are manufactured with rigid materials and come in a range of single or assorted bra packs as well. They are convenient and creative, allowing efficient display and easy after-sales storage for the consumer as well.


Neon boxes by Commando:

Simple and impactful are the two words that define this packaging design. Launched by the undies brand “commando,” the boxes are all in the neon base color. The whole image is created with the help of 2 contrasting neon colors. With the undies given focus and visibility by being in a darker shade over a somewhat silhouetted body shape.


The Cheeky Boxes:

This packaging design emerged as a student’s project. It has the shape of a carrying pouch that is knotted up at the top with the help of a ribbon. Made by kraft paper that is sturdy and adaptive to the fragile nature of the underclothing items, these boxes present a unique and attractive image.


The above mentioned are a few of the zillions of unique and absolutely spellbinding designs of lingerie packaging that are trending in the current year. Lingerie is linked with fragility and aesthetics, and its packaging should also justify the nature of the actual product. That is the reason why we see some of the most delicate and feminine designs being originated for the packaging of lingerie items.

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