Lace-front wigs are popular when it comes to hair styling. Women prefer 360 frontal lace wigs and sew-in closures, as they give complete protection to the natural hair while adding volume and lasting longer. Those of you who already use lace front wigs regularly agree that now and then, you need to tie up those locks in a ponytail.

But can you do it freely with your 360 lace frontal wig? Is it safe to do that, or should it be avoided?

We assure you that you can flaunt sew in ponytail the with your lace front wigs without hassle. Although, there is a catch to doing that. Let us know what it is and how you can turn your lace front wigs into gorgeous ponytails!

Lace Front Wig - Overview

The best thing about lace front wigs is that they blend perfectly with the natural hairline. The frontal lace helps in keeping the wig in position at all times. 360 frontal lace wigs preserve their texture and volume even after regular use. This makes them a favorite among women looking to try different hairstyles.

Lace front wigs are durable and can be easily maintained. Modern-day lace wigs can be worn during rigorous activities such as swimming or workouts. This makes them even more attractive for women who want to use frontal lace wigs for prolonged periods.

Back in the day, users would find it difficult to make a ponytail of a lace front wig. While pulling the hair back into a ponytail, there was a possibility of exposing the front lace, which made the wig pretty obvious. Modern lace wigs have solved this problem with baby hair which covers the lace and the hairline, blending in perfectly.

How to make a Ponytail of a Lace Front Wig

A ponytail can be achieved in various ways while wearing a frontal wig. Those apprehensive about it can be assured that the tips mentioned here will be beneficial in the long run.

Less Density, More Fun: Less dense front lace wigs are more suitable for ponytails. This is because they are lightweight and easy to install. Moreover, straight hair with closure wigs can be helpful to try out that ponytail look you always wanted. It would help if you went for 130% density while choosing a front lace wig. If you are looking for hair with more volume, you can go for hair bundles with closure. This combination also saves a lot of money.


Natural Hair to the Rescue: Combining natural hair and wig hair can do the job for you without the wig appearing out of place. You must wear a wig that matches your natural hair texture and color to do this.


The simplest method is to let your natural locks flow outside the headband instead of covering the whole hair. You can then pull up the hair along with the wig hair and bundle it together to create a ponytail. This technique will help cover the wig edges as well!


Use a Wig Band: A wig band is a velvet band worn as an additional layer between the wig and your head. This helps secure the wig in place while pulling up the wig hair for your sew-in ponytail as much as you like. This gives the freedom to stretch and bundle the hair tightly, giving the perfect shape to the extensions.


Start Small: If you are trying out a ponytail with your front lace wig for the first time, you can begin with a low ponytail. A low ponytail will help you get in the groove without putting undue pressure on yourself. Once comfortable wearing the wig with the ponytail, you may move on to tighter, higher ponytails later.

Use those Scissors: Nothing more awkward than a wig lace showing up from under the wig. You should always trim down extra lace and cut it in a zig-zag fashion to securely position the wig according to the shape of your head. This will also give you more confidence in pulling the hair in a thick bundle to form a ponytail.

Lace front wig maintenance - tips and tricks.

Lace front wigs are very flexible and handy for daily use. They serve a variety of styling purposes as well. This makes them one of the most loved wigs by all. However, with regular use, taking proper care of these wigs is necessary. You may follow these tips to do just that and ensure your 360 lace frontal wigs are always in prime condition. Also read, Everything about wavy hair type.

Brush the wig regularly. Like your natural locks, HD frontal wigs require careful brushing and de-tangling to maintain the shape and texture of the strands.

Avoid blow drying. Air drying is the best way to help retain the wig moisture without damaging the hair. Avoid excessive heat. Using too hot rollers for curling hair can lead to permanent loss of texture, color, or both.


If you plan to sleep with the wig on, you should wrap the hair to avoid a mess. Once tangled, the hair can take a lot of time to retain its shape (and a lot of work). Also, read important hair extension care tips for women. Indique hair brings their beloved customers the best accessories and extensions every season. To try out some unique hair extensions and wigs, visit them today!

Ayana Anderson is a professional hair stylist from last 10 years. She is expert in hair styling and ombre hair extensions.

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