Technology has definitely propelled the growth of the human society in numbers of ways. From basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing to the advanced healthcare and robotics, technology has swiftly assumed the status of the highly effective and indispensable tool right in the modern era. Clothing on the other hand has been a necessity with regards to the human civilization. It is also a means of showcasing one’s unique interest and culture. The social status, cultural diversity, religious learnings as well as professionalism can all be reflected to one’s clothes.

The wide range of various styles of clothing is now made possible because of modern technological tools, which in the first place shape and at the same time supplement bright ideas of the designers in the fashion industry.

At C2C, we offer fashion production along with marketing in both traditional and digital media environments such as branding, market positioning, marketing, technology integration, creative teams, sourcing, and product development.

What makes us stand out among others is the fact that we have global contacts with world class specialty retailers, department stores, manufacturers, factories, mills, and trade commissions all across the world.

Technology Ecosystem


Our Vision

We want to turn our ultimate vision into reality and that is to function in AR (augmented Reality and VR (Virtual Reality) world.

AR and VR have revolutionized the way the modern fashion marketing meets all the public consumers. Few years ago, AR app was developed for fashion show, which let the users to receive up-close look at the design’s details, learn more regarding the designer, and many more. Fashion has indeed entered in a new dimension.

We want to open the initiative of the global society. C2C wants to promote and at the same time implement radical changes in the global economy of today’s industry. We offer wide array of services including marketing not only in traditional environment, but also in media environment. With all of our services, rest assured that C2C will offer you and your company the ability to become part of the growing global network of factories, manufacturers, designers and retailers who are looking for the most effective ways to move right into a more profitable and productive environment to develop your own fashion business with the touch of modern technology.

C2C has mapped out a path for people with new vision as well as innovative technology. We will serve as a full-service, one stop-shopping consortium for any kind of business with multi-media marketing tools. Our goal is to provide expertise in different areas of marketing, branding, website build out, optimization, legal, business plan development, trademarks, and many more to mention. This is made even better as C2C only offer competitive and fair pricing for different services. This is perhaps the main reason why our customers are able to use advanced technology and current trends in the market without breaking their bank accounts.

We are aware that many companies need guidance and direction when it comes to creating business success and most of all the realization of their ultimate dreams. This is why we want our customers to continue making difference in the industry in these difficult and changeable economic times.

We base ourselves on the principles of social responsibility as well as excellent services. C2C is also proud to include community of expert people to draw from to help you in every step of the way.

Our Services

  • Design

Using our designers who have held the design positions right at the major fashion brands, you have the opportunity to have your own line designed, revamped or created by our expert and skilled team.

  • Sourcing

Purchasing resources or materials from outside the company or suppliers, C2C sources from pool of hundreds of vendors all across the world that have lower minimums for materials such as custom fabrics and trims.

  • Customs

You will no longer have to worry about whatever you need as we will make sure that it will be delivered to you at the right time and at the right place.

  • Branding

Translating your own company’s idea into identity that you like to share with your own customers, our branding services include fonts, logos, colors, and images that will greatly contribute to the visual system that mainly represents your own brand.

  • Marketing

Preparing your products to enter right in the retail environment, we carefully consider all the facets of messaging and design that primarily span beyond the point of sale.

  • Negotiation

To provide professional advice to all our clients who need particular service or knowledge. We have a pool of talent that can be mobilized as you required.

  • Manufacturing

Whatever you want, expect that C2C has always something to offer. We will take good care of the manufacturing process, so rest assured that you will get what you are aiming for. We highly specialize in the domestic production and have what it takes to handle production of huge volume of garments.

  • Project Management

We can help you in making your ideas turned right into a product.

  • Product Development

We can create products that match your specification or even go beyond with it.

  • Technology Integration

We use cutting edge technology in order to produce world class outcomes.

  • Specialty

Just tell us what you want and we will customize it to highlight your brand or products.

  • Wearable Technology

You will have the opportunity to make the most of technology since we provide wearable technology that can benefit you in many ways.

  • Wearable Medicals

With our wearable medicals, you can now become in tune with the advanced wearable health technology. You will never be left behind.

  • Nano and Biotech

Nano and Biotech are used in order to impart characteristics onto fabrics like oil, water and stain resistant finishes.


C2C is a team of expert in product development of different categories. So, if you want your business to take into the next level, we are the best option you can consider. We have the right resources and only use cutting edge technology to be able to deliver highly satisfying services our clients need the most. With us, rest assured that you will get services that meet your highest expectations.

Samuel Alexander Jr / CEO

Concept 2 Consumption Fashion and Technology LLC

Austin, Texas 78723


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