Basically,  tops are half shirts or midriff that ends somewhat below your chest exposing some part of your stomach. Remember, fashionable designer tops like Crop, can look very cool and fashionable when worn correctly. Buy Designer Tops Online India and get it at the best prices. While buying crop tops, the one most vital thing to be considered is that do not buy those which have thin spaghetti such as straps. The straps of your top should be wide as well as well defined otherwise the tops look like a sports bra and other gym wear. Apart from this, the top does not adhere to your body totally it ought to be slightly loose, which helps you to get the right look (see the picture below).

If you have an attractive figure, wear your crop top with a skirt, shorts, or palazzo pants to get a chic look. Even if you don't have perfectly toned legs, then wear them with skin tight jeans. Also, when worn with rugged and washed out jeans, cropped though look the best. You can also opt to wear loose bottoms such as long skirts and baggy jeans. However, if you are not confident in wearing fashionable crop tops or if you feel that don't have the perfect waist, then there are plenty of other ways to deal with this problem. For example, you can wear them with a high waist shorts or skirt because it will provide you minimal exposure of your stomach. Besides, wear belts as this will provide you complete control on the amount of skin that you want to show.

8858671652?profile=originalIf you are excessively conscious in wearing a crop top, then you can cover it up with an open button cardigan or a  shrug. This will provide you full control on whether you close the buttons and not flaunt your skin or open up the buttons to get the full look of the tops. Additionally, if you are still worried about flaunting too much belly, then you can always layer a fitted tank top underneath your crop top for more coverage. Besides, you could wear a tight bandeau top underneath your crop top as well.

Cropped fashionable tops for young women and girls is extremely, cool, relaxed and comfortable. These upper wears provide to a chic look instantly, so wear it well.

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