Blue Prince Charlie Jacket is maybe the most well-known of all of the different sorts of Kilt Jacket available. It tends to be the one that most people go for when they are looking for a kilt jacket to wear as evening wear or formal wear. 


This is because these jackets are the most fashionable and regal jackets that can be worn with a kilt as they show off your kilt’s style and pattern in a way that cannot be accomplished by any other style of jacket. Prince Charlie kilt Jacket comes with a vest or waistcoat. They typically come in black, but there are a number of ways that these jackets can be made. A lot of kilt wearers tend to complement their kilts with these jackets by giving their lapels colorful details to match their kilt color or tartan. They can come in other colors, too, such as a full-bodied royal blue. 


Kilt Jackets

The main thing about this jacket is that it is tailored to look perfect on its wearer, and it features silver-toned buttons on the arms of the Kilt Jacket, the tails, and the front.


Prince Charlie Tartan Kilt Jackets

Even though deep blue and black  Prince charlie jackets are the most common, you can get them in the same tartan as your kilt or in any other color you like.

Some people choose a solid color that complements or contrasts with the kilt for a bolder look. These Prince Charlie Tartan  Jackets are made out of pure, heavy worsted wool that is known as barathea and are ultra-comfortable to wear. They come in different weights, including the most popular varieties of 13-ounce and 15-ounce fabrics. Furthermore, they are perfect for wear. Because if there are any creases that occur while sitting or bending, they will easily smooth themselves back out automatically. There are pockets on both sides of the interior of the jacket.

But they are more for show than for actual use as they can mess up the look of the jacket. They are typically worn with a wing collar shirt and a bowtie or a Victorian collared shirt and a ruched tie.

Prince Charlie jackets are a must for any Kilt wearer for formal events. Not only are they popular and stylish now, but they will never fall out of trends, so be sure you have one or more ready and waiting.


Scottish Kilt Jackets in Different Patterns & Designs

Scottish Kilt jackets tend to run neat, the Prince Charlie is traditionally worn with the off-white hose, pride ghillie brogues, a sporran, and a bow tie so we have also made the entire Prince Charlie outfit available for purchase.

For Our Customers

Scottish Kilt shop is looking to help our customers to make their events more valuable and memorable. Therefore, you can ask for any kind of customization. Like buttons, cloth, tartan, or anything that comes to your mind.

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