Be inspired by Stephani Mauricio wearing German Kabirski Raina Amethyst Ring






About German Kabirski

The brand was founded in 2000 by a contemporary jewelry designer German Kabirski. It quickly attracted attention, mainly from people who don’t like traditional jewelry and art critics. From the beginning, German Kabirski was all about being different. Our designer experimented with unconventional materials, invented new jewelry techniques, and ignored the thousands-year jewelry tradition to create his own authentic style. He combined diamonds with pebbles, precious metals with fur and feathers, and set stones in a way nobody thought possible.

German Kabirski Inc. is a member of the leading US jewelry association, Jewelers of America.


Being different is always challenging since most people gravitate towards the familiar rather than unknown, even if the latter holds greater interest. They tend to approach it with caution. That’s why in the beginning, our clientele primarily consisted of creative people: artists, designers. However, as time passed, I hopefully think we gained the trust of even the most discerning individuals.

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