Amazing facts of Microfiber Towels!!

Have you heard about Microfibers?

I am sure that you have gone through that term in the plastic Accumulated world.

Microfibers are having a diameter of less than ten micrometers.

Do you know that its diameter is lesser than the silk fiber, in fact, lesser than the Hair Strand?

Microfibers are made up of a combination of Synthetic fibers like polyester and polyamides. With respect to the size and density of the synthetic fibers, its absorption, water repellency, softness, electrostatics, the filtering capability would vary. Microfibers are used to manufacture mats, knits, industrial filters, and cleaning products.

Microfiber towels are efficiently functioning in the cleaning processes. I would like to tell about some of the incredible features of Microfibers.

  • High Absorbency:

Do you know that microfibers absorb water more than cotton fiber?

Yes, Microfibers have larger surface areas than cotton. So it acts as a quite absorbent. Microfibers absorb water more than three times of its water. Due to that ultra absorbency, its drying capability is quite high. For that reason, microfibers are an “effective cleaning tool”.

  • Scratch & Lint-free:

Unlike cotton, microfibers never fall-off lint while cleaning. The structure of cotton fibers varies from the microfibers. Microfibers have slits that pull the dust from the surface without smearing the dust around and it leaves no scratch mark of the exterior layer.

  • Wipeout Microscopic germs:

As per the report, cotton fibers remove 33% of microorganisms from the surface while cleaning. But this tiny miniature like Microfibers wipes out 99% of bacteria and other microorganisms from the smooth surfaces. As a result of that, microfibers are responsible for the hygienic cleaning process.

  • Microfibers — Green & Eco-friendly:

Indeed Microfibers are inorganic, plastic material and non-bio degradable. But its manufacturing process and usage never make a bad impact on the environment. It’s recyclable and it reduces the chemical agents used for cleaning. So it is an eco-friendly cleaning tool that causes no damages to the environment.

As a result of these amazing features, microfibers are used to manufacture all sorts of mops, towels and cleaning cloths.


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