A Guide to Emerald Jewelry

Emerald is a mesmerizing gemstone coveted for its stunning green color. The pleasing green color and other properties of emerald have put emerald jewelry on the number one position in the world of gemstone jewelry. Today, both women and men like to own jewelry fashioned with emeralds. The craze for this type of jewelry is so much that it has become a staple for every fashionista.

From Hollywood celebrities and big fashion designers to the general public, everyone loves jewels decorated with emeralds. Have you also fallen in love with emerald jewelry? Are you looking for some tips to buy it? Well, fret no more because we’ll tell you how to buy emerald jewelry.


What is Emerald?


Emerald is a precious gemstone that belongs to the beryl mineral family. The color of emerald ranges from deep to medium and bluish green. Emerald is greatly desired for its vivid green color so people choose it for their jewelry pieces. The gemstone gets its color from the presence of chromium and vanadium in trace proportions in its crystalline structure. Emerald is known for its color intensity which can range from bright to deep dark green color.

It is one of the traditional big four precious gemstones along with diamond, ruby and sapphire. Emerald is also known as the May birthstone, so no doubt people born in this month take pride in their birthstone. This gemstone symbolizes growth and fertility, making emerald jewelry essential for everyone, especially businessmen and businesswomen. Such jewelry also makes a great gift because of its lush green hues.



Here are some tips to help you buy jewelry made with emerald. Read all the tips given in this article to buy a fine emerald jewelry item that stands out.



The most celebrated emeralds are those that have a bluish green to pure green color with vivid saturation. The tone of such emeralds is neither too dark nor too light. So, you should be looking for emerald jewelry items that exhibit such color. Don’t rush, instead choose your fascination after thoughtful consideration. Go for a transparent emerald with evenly distributed color and you’re all set.



Natural emerald gemstones typically have inclusions that are visible to an unaided eye. Eye-clean stones are very rare, thus the most valuable of all emeralds. If a jeweler offers you an eye-clean natural emerald at a price that’s too good to be true, it’s likely a synthetic. Always buy your emerald jewelry items or other jewelry from a reputed jeweler who provides you with a relevant certificate of authenticity for your purchased piece.



There are many cuts that an emerald can rock. However, you should choose the emerald cut because it best brings out the charm of emerald. Look for a stone with perfect symmetry because such a stone will take the appeal of your emerald jewelry piece to new heights. If you’re looking for a jewelry piece to give to your special someone, you can choose the heart shape. Such a shape will add more meaning to your thoughtfully chosen precious jewel.


A heart-shaped emerald pendant necklace is a cut above the rest. You can also choose a feminine shape for your emerald such as pear, marquise or oval. The emerald gemstone looks wonderfully elegant in these shapes. If you’re looking for a manly shape, go for cushion, asscher or square. Emerald bracelets featuring small emeralds in the cushion shape make excellent accessories that can be paired with all types of outfits.



Emerald is a hard gemstone. It scores a good 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, leaving behind many color gemstones. It’s the third hardest gemstone after diamond, ruby/sapphire. This hardness of emerald makes it a great pick for high-contact jewelry items such as rings. However, you should choose a protective setting for your emerald jewelry items. The bezel setting is an extremely protective setting that you can choose for your ring.


This setting keeps a gemstone secure by encircling it in metal. The bezel setting is a traditional ring setting that exudes the timeless charm of the bygone era. You can use this setting for your emerald ring if you’re going to wear it every day. If you’re choosing a ring that you’ll wear only on special occasions, go for the tension setting. It’s a modern ring setting that offers a sophisticated look.



Emerald jewelry is on top of everyone’s jewelry wishlist. The lush green color and impressive hardness of emerald are its two remarkable properties that make it suitable for all types of jewelry, be it rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants or even engagement or wedding rings.

Whether you’re looking for a pair of emerald earrings or a token of love, GemsNY is the best place to buy authentic jewelry. Known for their commitment to authenticity, they offer natural emerald gemstone jewelry items in various styles, designs and metals at attractive prices. So, it’s about time you tick-off emerald jewelry on your wishlist!

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