A background of Traditional Thai tattoos

Thai tattoo is not just an inked design on your body. There are history and symbolism of the traditional Thai tattoo. The traditional tattoo is called Sak Yant. However, it is not so easy to pinpoint the exact origins of the art because it is as old as history. Besides that, this kind of tattoo is kind of famous because many countries have tried to claim the birth of the ancient art. Moreover, it is believed to have originated from the Khmer period which is averagely about 3,000 years ago. The tattoo has been the proof of the age of the tattoo in the form of mummies which has been discovered in around Bandung. Another thing is that the tattoo is known as the bamboo tattoos which are still visible.


Seeing the Sak Yant tattoo traditional from the meanings

The ink will be chosen by the Monk or Ajarn from your purpose of your Sak Yant which is for and allow people to select a design which you think it is right for you. At the same time, you could decide what deign of Sak Yant. It is important to get the right tattoo because you could get the proper tattoo which is for the lifetime.

The background of the Sak Yant tattoos history

There are four elements which become the background history of the Sak Yant Thai tattoos. The culture has been developed magical systems from time to time. The system usually uses the four basic elements, such as earth, air, fire, water as the follow up the physical properties. There are many cultures which use those elements as the basic cornerstone of physical, science, and medicine. Those elements are known as the pure ones.

The basic elements could be made in the combination and create new ones. Then, the Indian tradition follows the belief before the ancient Greek and the later influence is the Khmer Empire. The empire refers to the Thailand and Cambodia and it is used in Buddhism. The history involves the spirit or Buddha which can be used as the background story.

After about hundreds of years, the Thai is recognized for the Tai and Khmer warriors. The tradition becomes the place where element renowned and feared for the magical markings tattoo on the skin. This kind of element can be marked when the Buddhist psalms and prayers and shamanistic spell and sorcery which have survived the Religious transition.

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