70-year-olds wear a skirt with high heels

Many people believe that youth is capital, especially for women. The younger you are, the more energetic you are. Women are like flowers, beautiful and lovely, but the flowers bloom from time to time. Some have a short blooming season, and some keep the blooming season. The older they are, the more brilliant the flowers bloom.

The lady I want to share this time belongs to the older and more attractive woman. At the age of 70, she has lived out what everyone envy, beautiful, elegant, fashionable, and temperament. As long as there is her place, it can always be visual. The focus, especially her dressing and collocation, is never casual because of her old age. It is not too gorgeous, but it is enough to show her own charm and live beautifully and powerfully.

The principle of dark up and bright down is eye-catching and temperamental

Not everyone is born with the ability to appreciate beauty, and many fashionistas are able to dress well and decently through acquired learning. If you want to dress well, you must understand some basic laws.

The combination of colors determines the style of the whole outfit, whether it is elegant or tacky, depending on the combination of colors. We are often attracted by beautiful colors, but when we wear them, we are not as happy as we imagined. The reason is that they are not suitable. Color itself has no beauty or ugliness. If you want to use color to highlight your own beauty, you need to combine your looks and temperament.

The principle of dark up and bright down, as the name suggests, is to choose dark colors for the upper body clothing and bright colors for the lower body clothing. This color matching method is very suitable for the temperament of middle-aged and elderly women.

After years of baptism, middle-aged and elderly women have the charm of mature women, and dark-colored clothing is just in line with this aura. However, if you use dark colors all over your body, you will look old-fashioned and dull. Choosing bright colors for the lower body will not only make the overall look more eye-catching, but will not feel suspicious of being tender.

Like this shape, black T-shirt + royal blue half skirt, paired with a pair of black high heels, bring a strong visual impact, elegant, atmospheric, dazzling, beautiful scenery, directly locking everyone's eyes firmly on Her beautiful shadow.

Black is a classic color. Everyone, regardless of age or gender, can use it to show off their individuality. The sapphire blue is bright and beautiful, especially attractive. It looks more pure and beautiful against the black. The black T-shirt is stuffed into the skirt to be more energetic. She is full of feminine charm with high heels.

The same hue is harmonious and overall

The collocation of the same hue means that the color of the upper and lower body is in the same hue. It can be a color or a similar color combination. The color difference between the colors is small and the contrast is very soft. Therefore, Reduce the difficulty of color matching, especially suitable for women who don't like to worry about wearing it.

Like this shape, the combination of a pullover sweater and a half skirt is elegant and generous. The top is short in style, and the knotted design is used on the waist to add a sense of fashion. The matching of the same tones brings a harmonious picture, although all are purple tones, but there is a difference in brightness, and it does not bring a monotonous feeling.

There is never a shortage of gentle and durable dresses in a woman's wardrobe. The one-piece tailoring of the dress eliminates the need for upper and lower body matching, making it easy to wear and practical. The flowing skirts and graceful lines also deeply touch the hearts of all beautiful women.

Like this purple dress, gentle and elegant, light and thin materials bring an elegant picture, and the design of a belt in the middle creates a good waist-to-hip ratio, and the shape of a small waist makes the figure look more graceful. However, this color is more picky for skin tone. If the complexion is not good, you need to paint a light makeup in order to wear it beautifully.

Red, passionate, happy color, never outdated color, young people love her straight and warm personality, middle-aged and old people appreciate its infinite vitality, wearing it can bring a good mood.

This red dress is not a pure color type. The white polka dots are added to it to avoid the monotony of pure color and the combination of red and white, making the picture brighter and more lively. The loose skirt has a good tolerance for the figure, especially for the modification of the hips and legs, which has obvious advantages.

Jeans are more free and easy and handsome

To say which item, regardless of gender, age, and seasons, jeans must be on the list. Because of its versatile characteristics, it has always been synonymous with fashion. Jeans have their own youthful characteristics and are also favored by many older women.

This look brings full vitality, blue jeans and black high-waist sweatshirt, simple single product, full of youthful breath. This jeans is a slim style, which is more suitable for women with good-looking legs, and the design of burrs on the trousers can strengthen the sense of fashion.

Denim comes with a trendy style, but the shape of a whole denim suit is not easy to control. If you are not careful, you will fall into the sense of "work clothes". This fashionable grandma uses a short top and bottom long dressing pattern, stepping on a pair of high heels, easily showing a good figure, sassy and handsome while walking.Read more at:formal dresses online | formal dresses brisbane

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