Ruby bracelets are powerful and meaningful jewelry accessories that you should have in your jewelry box. What makes them powerful is their glamorous and peculiar patina that goes easy on the eye. The color of ruby is such that it can excite the passions of everybody who takes a look at it. The intensity of red in this gemstone creates an appeal that none can resist. What makes ruby bracelets meaningful is, again, their patina, coupled with ruby's hardness rating of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale.




A bracelet is a high-contact jewelry piece because it's worn on a wrist. So many times we constantly use hand gestures while interacting with people or otherwise in our natural daily routine. During all these times, the chances of snagging or chipping our bracelets or other high-contact jewelry pieces that we’re wearing, such as rings, increases dramatically. In such cases, choosing a ruby bracelet comes in handy. Ruby has a high resistance to snagging or chipping because of its extreme hardness and durability.


If you’re impressed with the various qualities of ruby and have finally decided to get yourself a ruby bracelet, we’re here to help you. This article will present to you 5 of the most powerful and meaningful ruby bracelet styles that you can choose from. We can talk about rubies all day. But it’s time to set the ball rolling, so let’s do this.




Ruby Tennis Bracelets


The first on our list is ruby tennis bracelets. You might have heard about tennis bracelets. These are one of the most popular bracelets that’ve been calling the shots for decades. The design of a typical tennis bracelet includes small close-set diamonds. However, one can fashion a tennis bracelet with any color gemstone. Thus, the advent of ruby tennis bracelets. Ruby bracelets in this style are gaining ground in the present times. Gem lovers and fashionistas have been sporting these timeless classics everywhere because of their elegance and charm. While these look brilliant all on their own, you can pair them with other bracelets to enhance their beauty.




Ruby Beaded Bracelets


Beaded bracelets are the most simple yet striking type of bracelets. Typically, a beaded bracelet comprises a string of small threaded pearls. But there’s no hard and fast rule regarding fashioning beaded bracelets. You can fashion a beaded bracelet with pearls, color gemstones, glass, or other similar material. Out of all of these options, rubies sound perfect for beaded bracelets. That’s because ruby bracelets in this style offer great versatility. You can fashion a ruby beaded bracelet with alternating small rubies and diamonds to create an irresistible aesthetic. Ruby bracelets in this style can be fashioned in numerous ways and are perfect for layering. So, a ruby beaded bracelet will make a great statement piece for you.


Ruby Bangle Bracelets


A ruby bangle bracelet is quite similar to the pavé diamond setting in design. In a typical pavé diamond setting, small diamonds are set together closely in a band, showing no signs of metal in between them. Ruby bangle bracelets feature a metal band with pavé set small rubies. You can fashion your ruby bangle bracelet as per your choice. 

If you want close-set rubies for your ruby bangle bracelet, you can go with it. Or, if you want to set rubies with some space in between them, nobody’s stopping you. Apply your creative genius and fashion a ruby bracelet in this style. For a more elevated look, don’t forget to stack your ruby bangle bracelet with a basic chain bracelet.


Ruby Cuff Bracelets


Cuff bracelets are much like bangle bracelets. However, both these styles of bracelets have a slight difference in design. While bangle bracelets are enclosed metal bands, cuff bracelets feature an opening. A typical cuff bracelet doesn’t feature any gemstones studded in its band. On the contrary, it’s a simple band with an opening. Rubies work wonders in this style. 

A ruby cuff bracelet features small rubies that amplify the grace and glamor of the ensemble like nothing else does. Perhaps that’s the reason why people like wearing ruby cuff bracelets. Get yourself a fine ruby bracelet in this style for making a statement that everybody copies!


Ruby Link Bracelets


A typical ruby link bracelet comprises small ruby gemstones set alternatingly with accent diamonds in a repetitive pattern in a metal chain. This type of bracelet is quite similar to tennis bracelets. The only difference between the two types of bracelets is that tennis bracelets are a bit dainty compared to link bracelets. You can fashion a ruby bracelet in this style with color gemstones rather than diamonds. Because green and red are complementary colors, you can choose to fashion your link bracelet with small rubies and emeralds. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can choose other green gemstones that go easy on the wallet compared to emeralds. For instance, you can choose peridots for your ruby link bracelet.

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Ruby Charm Bracelets


Charm bracelets are playful jewelry pieces that women love the most. These can be made with just about any material, from precious gemstones and beads to shells. Ruby charm bracelets take the appeal of charm bracelets to a whole different level. The blood-like color of ruby looks perfect for charm bracelets. Moreover, a ruby charm bracelet is your best bet if you want to express your personality with a jewelry piece. 

Many like to showcase their personality by wearing bespoke charm bracelets made with their favorite gemstones. So, if ruby, an appealing gemstone that looks like a perfect balance of beauty and fire, best resembles your personality, it’s about time you wore a ruby bracelet in this style.


The Bottom Line


Ruby bracelets are much better than other bracelets because of ruby’s beauty and hardness. The gemstone is a perfect combination of allure and durability. Therefore, you can definitely wear it in a high-contact jewelry piece, such as a bracelet. These were 5 of the most powerful and meaningful ruby bracelets styles that you can choose from. You should choose the design of your ruby bracelet based on your personality and aura.


If you’re more like a simple person who likes to keep their jewelry minimalist, you should choose a ruby bangle bracelet to enhance your look. On the other hand, if you like intricately designed jewelry pieces, you should go with ruby tennis bracelets. One thing that you should bear in mind is that rubies are expensive gemstones. So, you can choose to fashion your bracelet with a lab-made ruby instead of its natural counterpart. That’s because a lab-made ruby is a spitting image of a natural ruby.


One can’t discern whether a ruby is natural or not without professional gemological equipment. So, there you go! Save money on your ruby bracelet now!

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