When it comes to buying clothes, you want something that’s going to look great and last a long time. When purchasing personalised clothes or even workwear, a lot of people struggle to decide between embroidered clothing or printed clothing. Fortunately, this blog will provide you with the answers you need.


Firstly, let's differentiate the two, embroidery designs are either machine or hand-stitched onto fabric using thread. Embroidery is used to create patterns, designs, logos and personalised clothing. Printed designs are printed onto the top of clothes from a stencil/image. Typically, printing is used for larger designs and bulk orders. 


Throughout this blog, I will be discussing the reasons why embroidered clothing is the best route to go down. I cover all factors from price to quality. No matter what your concerns are, this blog will cover them so you can reach a decision.

Embroidered clothing has a higher longevity


When it comes to the longevity of clothing, embroidered clothes last a lot longer. As previously mentioned, embroidery designs are stitched onto fabric, meaning they can withstand a lot more wear and tear over time. 


As printed designs are placed over the top of clothing, it means they tend to fade a lot quicker over time as the designs are only sealed onto clothing rather than being sewn in. Printing can also fade from day to day activities, as well as being washed at the wrong temperature or even being ironed wrong. 


As well as this, printed designs tend to crack, making them look unfinished and low-quality. This would be particularly inappropriate for company clothing as having the brand's logo cracked and faded will look unprofessional. 


Due to this, having embroidered clothing will ensure that it will last over time. Embroidered clothing is also low-maintenance when it comes to the care of the clothing, making it convenient for a busy lifestyle. 

Embroidered clothing is better quality 


Due to the nature of embroidery, it is typically used on thicker, high-quality clothing, to ensure the stitching is to a high standard. Therefore, you can be assured that you will receive high-quality clothing items when choosing embroidered clothing.


On the other hand, printing can be done on most materials, meaning you could end up with low-quality clothing items. There’s also the risk of the clothing looking unprofessional and messy especially if it is being done on low-quality fabric. 

Customisation is endless with embroidery 


When purchasing embroidered clothing items, they can be fully customisable and even personalised. This makes it a great gift for someone or perfect for workwear with the company’s logo on. As embroidery is produced by a needle and thread, you can also produce intricate designs and small personalisations with multiple colours.


In contrast, printed clothing is better suited to larger designs with less intricacy. This also makes it harder to create small personalisations with printed designs. 


As it is possible to fully customise embroidered clothing, it makes a great way to add your own personal style onto an item of clothing. An example of one such company is Sketch & Stitch Limited who offer personalised embroidering on clothing items as well as face masks and accessories bags. 

Get more for your money with embroidered clothing 


As embroidered clothing is produced on high-quality fabric and tends to last longer, you get a lot more for your money. Moreover, the cost of embroidered clothing is usually based on the size of the design, meaning you get a flat rate for the design and therefore save more money. 


Whereas, the cost of printed designs varies from the size of the design to the amount of colour used within the design. This means that printed clothing can work out very expensive with no guarantee the fabric is going to be high-quality. 

Embroidery is extremely versatile 


Unlike printing, embroidery can be carried out on a number of high quality products from clothes to fabric make bags and blankets, making it extremely versatile. 


Although printing can be done on multiple fabrics, it cannot be carried out on thicker materials such as a fleece jacket or a dressing gown as it cannot withhold the amount of material. 


When it comes to personalising multiple items, such as workwear, embroidery is the best way to go as it can be produced on a lot more, meaning you can get everything done in one place.

To wrap it up 


To wrap it up, there are a number of benefits that embroidered clothing has which make it the obvious choice for customising clothes. The biggest benefits would be the high-quality work that is produced with embroidery as well as its longevity. 


Through purchasing embroidered clothing, you’re ensuring that you are getting a great clothing design that will last over a long period of time, so you get more for your money. 

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