5 Common Baldness Myths


Hair loss is so dreaded by people that several myths have sprung up around baldness. Some are an attempt to find a cause such as maternal genetics, hair products and hats. Others center more around hope, like rejuvenating dead hair follicles. Whatever the myth is, do the research before the stress of the misnomers leads to hair loss.



Hair Loss is Thanks to Mother’s Genes


A common misconception about hair loss is the genetic trait came from one’s mother. While it is true that one of the genes responsible for male-pattern baldness is carried by mitochondrial DNA, which is inherited from the mother, maternal genetics are no more responsible for baldness, on average, than paternal genes. In fact, chances are one inherited pattern baldness from both of one’s parents.



Baldness is Linked to Hair Products


A surprising myth concerning hair loss is the use of gel or hairspray causes baldness. While one may want to avoid overusing curling irons and blow dryers, there is nothing to indicate hair products cause hair loss. In fact, some hair products, like bald spot spray, help one at least disguise one’s hair loss.



Wearing Hats Lead to Baldness



Many people believe wearing a hat traps heat and sweat against the scalp and damages the hair follicles. Others subscribe to the theory that hats cut off circulation to the hair follicles which starves them and causes baldness. The reality is hats do not, in any way, contribute to hair loss.



No Cure for Hair Loss


Admittedly, no one has a miracle cure that stops hair loss in its tracks. That said, there are treatments one can turn to such as hair transplants, government-approved drugs and laser therapy. One may opt for a natural hair loss solution or use bald spot spray to hide one’s thinning hair.



You Can Rejuvenate Dead Hair Follicles


Sadly, there is no way to save a dead hair follicle. One may find a hair loss solution, like laser treatment, can help hair follicles become healthier and grow thicker, true. However, once a hair follicles die, they are a lost cause. That leaves one with the option to use bald spot spray or invest in hair transplants to help thicken up one’s hair.


Stress is no more a cause of baldness than hair products, wearing hats or mother’s genes. More importantly, don’t subscribe to the myth until it becomes truth. Myths and old wives tales are in abundance, but they won’t do anything to save one’s beautiful head of hair.

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