5 Beautiful Rings To Get For Yourself

Just a friendly reminder: it’s about time you got a ring for yourself!

Investing in a ring shouldn’t be limited to special occasions. You should get yourself a ring to celebrate your fine self and accomplishments every now and then. Appreciating yourself boosts your positive attitude toward life that is extremely important. Besides, adorning one’s appearance with jewelry increases one’s confidence in a snap.

When you know you’re looking as pretty as a picture, you can successfully deal with any difficult or challenging situations that you come across in life. So, if you’re finally in the market for a ring that stands out, we’re going to help you choose one. Explore the 5 beautiful rings shown in this article to pick one that goes with your style!

Rose Gold Emerald Solitaire Ring


 Solitaire rings are the most timeless jewelry pieces that you can wear on both casual and special occasions. These rings feature a single centerstone in a minimalist design whose elegant austerity distinguishes it from other rings in fancy designs. And if we talk about emerald solitaire rings, they are far more superior to solitaire rings featuring other gemstones. The world is a fan of the intense green color of emeralds. So, a solitaire ring featuring an emerald centerstone will surely turn heads wherever you go.

You should choose rose gold for your emerald ring because this metal artfully showcases the exquisite beauty of emeralds. Many people also choose three stone emerald rings to adorn themselves. If you like extravagant jewelry pieces that are designed to impress, you should choose a three stone emerald ring.

White Gold Ruby Ring In Floral Design



You might have many beautiful rings in your jewelry collection but if you don’t have a ruby ring, you don’t know what you’re missing. A ruby ring is a must-have jewel because of ruby’s striking appearance and symbolism. The gemstone occurs in all shades of red and symbolizes love, passion, wealth and power.

Ruby’s vivid red color can be paired with any metal. However, white gold adds to the exciting color of this gemstone like nothing else does. In addition, ruby also looks wonderful when fashioned in a floral setting. So, pick a ruby ring white gold in a floral design for a breathtaking look!

Two Stone Sapphire & Diamond Ring


Diamond and sapphire are two of the most coveted gemstones that everyone wants to possess. These gemstones are known for their wide range of colors and impressive hardness; in fact, diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. So, if you’re seeking a durable ring that you can wear every day, a two stone sapphire and diamond ring is a meaningful option.

Sapphires are well-known for their blue color. A blue sapphire will create a pleasing combination with a diamond. However, if you like any fancy sapphire, you can choose it for your two stone sapphire and diamond ring. No doubt the combination of fancy sapphires and diamonds creates beautiful rings.

Diamond Halo Hessonite Garnet Ring


Ruby is a fiery gemstone that’s been prized for centuries. Do you know any other gemstone that looks fiery like ruby? Yes, we’re talking about hessonite garnet. This beautiful gemstone is a member of the garnet mineral family and looks as if it’s flaming from within. The passionate deep orange/amber color of hessonite garnet makes it a fascinating option for a statement ring. 

Fashion a hessonite garnet ring in white gold and decorate the centerstone with a halo of baguette diamonds to showcase the beauty of hessonite in the best possible way. The splendid appeal of baguette diamonds will keep the fiery hues of the hessonite garnet centerstone in the spotlight. Let’s check out the last stunner on our list of 5 beautiful rings.

Yellow Gold Emerald-cut Peridot Ring


 A peridot ring is another great piece that you should add to your ring collection. Peridots are vibrant green gemstones that go easy on the eye. The brilliant color and excellent saturation of these gemstones make them perfect for rings. Choose a yellow gold ring fashioned with an emerald-cut peridot and witness the allure of this soothing gemstone.

Peridots are affordable alternatives to emeralds, so those who want a green gemstone without hurting their pocketbook choose peridot. Moreover, people who find emerald gemstones too dark or opaque choose peridots because of the more lively shades of green. Get a peridot ring in yellow gold for yourself to be the style queen that you are while staying on budget.

Final Words

Our list of beautiful rings ends here. The gemstone and metal combinations of these rings will leave you spellbound the moment you look at them. If you want to explore more beautiful rings with fresh designs, check out GemsNY collection of rings. They have a wide range of colored gemstones and natural & lab-diamonds from which you can mix & match your favorite gems with various metals and designs to create a ring. Treating yourself to jewelry is never a bad idea. So, what are you waiting for? 

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