4 Simple Accessories That Make Your Outfit Pop


The way you feel about yourself exudes in so many ways. It shows up in the way you walk into a room. It shows up in the way you hold your head up high. It also shows in the way you dress yourself. If you’d like to increase you confidence, one of the areas to pay attention to is your attire. As you work on building a wardrobe that increases your confidence level, add four simple accessories that will make your outfits pop.


For many women, earrings can feel like the finishing touch to the perfect outfit. If you’d like to make a plain outfit pop, add a pair of pearls. If you want to exude a fun, youthful vibe, a large pair of hoops will easily do the trick. Get creative by finding handcrafted hypoallergenic ear wear that will give you a unique look.


If you’re not used to wearing headwear on a regular basis, it might feel like a stretch at first. However, it’s a great way to pull a look together. You can wear a simple baseball cap that has graphic art on it for a casual look. You can wear a fun fedora to dress up a simple pair of jeans and a T-shirt. If you’re wearing a long, flowing dress, wear a turban to create a chic yet regal look.


Necklaces can easily make a statement. Find a signature statement necklace that becomes a part of your regular look. Whether it’s a golden nameplate chain or a subtle silver locket, find a necklace that’s synonymous with you. You can wear this piece often. Then, insert some fun pieces like costume jewelry. If you’re wearing a monochromatic outfit, a large, chunky necklace in a different color will easily make your outfit pop.


Scarves are fun and versatile. You can drape a large pashmina around your shoulders for an elegant look. You can wear a large, knitted infinity scarf with a pair of hiking boots, jeans, and a long-sleeved shirt. Choose scarves in a variety of colors and patterns. It’s a lot easier to accessorize when you have options.

If you need some inspiration regarding how to incorporate various accessories into your everyday look, start by looking at various photos in fashion magazines and social media platforms. Bookmark the looks you like. Then, figure out a way to cultivate each accessory into a personalized look that works for you. Before long, your wardrobe will reflect your level of confidence, self-care, and beauty.

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