Consumers are realizing that the fashion industry is one of the most destructive and wasteful industries in the world. They are seeing the benefits of being more environmentally conscious in their styles and the types of materials they wear. There are four sustainable materials that individuals and businesses are incorporating in their clothing designs.


Wool grows from the outer covering of sheep and goats. As long as the animal lives, the fiber grows naturally and is sheared off once a year or more, making it a very sustainable source for clothing. Unlike fur, the sheep are not killed or harmed during the shearing process, and the environment is never polluted.

Vegan Yarn

Vegan yarns consist of all-natural materials like cotton, hemp, linen, and soy silk. The yarns contain no animal products and are made using processes that do not harm the environment. The material is recommended to vegetarians who want to avoid wearing regular cotton that is cultivated in ways that destroy the soil.

Recycled Fabrics

Nearly every type of fabric is recycled: cotton, nylon, wool, and polyester. Different forms of textiles are discarded, collected together, sorted, and then processed into new fabrics. Recycled plastic is interwoven into fabrics to make clothing, accessories, rugs, and pillows. Some companies, like bionicyarn.com, make use of recycled plastic bottles to create sustainable textiles that are sold to clothing companies and fashion designers.


Bamboo textile is a renewable fabric derived from the bamboo plant of South Asia. Bamboo is one of the world's fastest growing plants that can grow more than three feet in 24 hours. This plant is widely used to reduce carbon dioxide pollution and reverse climate change. Bamboo is found in a variety of hot and cold climates and is seen in 100 million acres of land, mostly in Asia. These facts mean that bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials to use in fashion.

As a textile, bamboo is safer to produce than cotton or plastic. It is the source to make viscose rayon that is soft, absorbent, and versatile. Bamboo fabric is treated without harsh chemicals or manufacturing processes and rivals silk in softness.

More clothing manufacturers are using sustainable materials, from bamboo to organic cotton, to craft their latest designs. The all-natural movement is a movement that is gradually beginning to spread all over the world. The work starts with the manufacturers and then spreads to the fashionistas, models, and fashion designers who buy their products.

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