Ladies and Gents,After a long and deep sleep of 365 days and nights, "The" awakening is finally happening, as it never fails to do around this time of the year. Like Sleeping Beauty who awakens to the kiss of Prince Charming after a deep sleep of hundred years and a day, some of us emerge from the midst of past confusion and unfulfilled goals of the finishing year, to embrace a brighter future filled with hope, dreams, determination and focus.Prince Charming comes with promises to change everything in our life for the best, from helping us quitting smoking, respecting a healthy diet, stop dating losers, achieving our career goals, making our wildest fantasies come true (wearing a size 0 again), becoming more responsible and generous thus inevitably leading us to commit to another "New year's Resolution list" to which we will "promise ourselves to stick to, no matter what.And yes, you have guessed it right: The Prince Charming moment is nothing else but our “New Year’s Resolutions”.So, before starting to fill a new page with our 2009 Resolutions, I suggest we ask ourselves if Prince Charming is the ultimate answer. Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Prince Charming and in fact, I am for the hope and motivation he revives in each one of us every single time, but I strongly encourage you to be critical this time and assess whether it has ever worked for you or not.- Have you become whom you’ve always envisioned to be?- Have things gone according to plan every time you set a list?- Were your goals S.M.A.R.T?- Were you honest and true to yourself the whole time?If the answer to all these questions is YES, then Hooray for you, let the Prince Charming in!But if just like me, this remains an area of opportunity, maybe the time has come to change gear and take on a different approach. No time and no need to sob over the past; let's trade our New Year’s Resolutions for a New Year's Revolution!This time around, instead of following the old trend by drafting a cold dictated list that will only make you feel better for a few weeks, opt for a more human and realistic approach revolving around appreciating and cherishing life, doing things that really make you happy, embracing the beautiful being that you are and most importantly staying true yourself, for life is too precious to be wasted on a set of rules that keep on failing us.For instance, this coming 2009, I personally won’t …o Sign up for Yoga classes – I mean, who am I kidding? I’d rather relax in a cozy Jazz & Blues baro Ban carbs from my diet – They are not the enemy, plus I won’t resist long so I'll just enjoy in moderationo Renew my Gym membership – Instead, I'll play tennis during the summer and ski during the winterWith that in mind, dare to be different and have a Revolution of your own, and most importantly: Enjoy IT!!!Sí a la moda, Sí a la revolución

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