Sophie Caw replied to James Brown's discussion How about purchasing wholesale flannel shirts at a 60 percent discount? – count on Flannel Clothing!
"I love wearing flannel shirts in the summer. They're so lightweight and breathable."
12 hours ago
Sophie Caw replied to Harryclaus's discussion What is the best design concept for a bedroom?
"It all depends on what you want to see at the end. You start with how you determine the general mood of the room. Some people like gloomy, black or dark color wallpaper to make the rest of the interior look bright. I know a goth girl with everything…"
Sep 22
Sophie Caw replied to James Brown's discussion Things To Look For Before You Splurge On A Stylish Handbag
"When I buy a purse not in expensive boutiques, I always pay attention to the seams. The seams have to be in all the important places. Also, there shouldn't be any extra lines of seams, otherwise it shows poor quality."
Sep 16
Sophie Caw replied to Oasis Sublimation's discussion Find The Best Custom Sublimated T Shirts Manufacturer
"The T-shirts look like they were photoshopped."
Mar 21
Sophie Caw replied to Oasis Sublimation's discussion Looking for a Reliable Sublimation Printing Manufacturer? – Trust Oasis Sublimation!
"The women's sports top looks like it would be hard to wear under other clothes. It's probably a separate closet item, not underwear."
Jan 8
Sophie Caw replied to albert mort's discussion how to get a loan for homesteading
"With all due respect, you have a very unusual situation. I'm not sure I can give you a concrete answer - without seeing your business plan. I need you to write in more detail about what you plan to do with the loan you receive from the beginning.…"
Nov 29, 2021
Sophie Caw replied to albert mort's discussion real estate?
"I think Sussex is very nice, especially in the east of the county. Plus, all of the houses for sale there has an exciting layout. Yes, they're older than I'd like, but they have an excellent design. The windows often face the garden on the sunny…"
Nov 17, 2021
Sophie Caw replied to Isabella Smith's discussion Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Travel Backpack in 2021
"I don't always buy souvenirs in the countries I visit, but I do buy handbags. I like to buy something new in a country. I'm not a fan of souvenirs that are trinkets, T-shirts that say "Berlin" and so on. It's better to buy something that you will…"
Nov 17, 2021
Sophie Caw replied to suitsme online's discussion Suits Me Online
"I don't like to buy costumes as a gift on such sites. It is better to go to Gentleman's Guru on, see the best models there and choose the most beautiful. I gave my friend a tuxedo gift several times before some…"
Oct 6, 2021
Sophie Caw replied to Ada Mouw's discussion 6 Hat Styles for Men to Look Trendy
"The latter looks great. I like it!"
Oct 1, 2021
Sophie Caw replied to G. Sol's discussion Footed Pajamas For Adults?
"I love to throw pajama parties!"
Apr 27, 2021
Sophie Caw replied to I Knock Fashion's discussion The Best Eye Makeup Techniques
"I like to make eye shadows bigger and more pronounced"
Apr 15, 2021
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