Snezhana Gross left a comment for ELITIST LTD
"Thank you very much! I'm glad you like my website.
Your profile says that you are going to start your line in 2012. Did you start in already? It would be nice to see it :)"
Jun 26, 2012
Snezhana Gross commented on Melissa Laskin's photo
"Good photoshoot!"
Jun 19, 2012
Snezhana Gross commented on Scarlett Spade's blog post Andrew Quesada
"interesting works!"
Feb 22, 2012

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  • Thanks for the add Snezhana, and congratulations on your website. I like your style!

  • Hi Snezhana,

    I read your article "Archetypes in Branding (Part 2)", it was very interesting. I liked how you used hair styles to categorize. Is the following information applicable to what you are saying?

    Physiognomy (from the Gk. physis meaning 'nature' and gnomon meaning 'judge' or 'interpreter') is the assessment of a person's character or personality from his outer appearance, especially the face. The term physiognomy can also refer to the general appearance of a person, object or terrain, without reference to its implied characteristics.

    The credence of such study has varied from time to time. The practice was well-accepted by the ancient Greek philosophers, but fell into disrepute in the Middle Ages when practised by vagabonds and mountebanks. It was then revived and popularised by Johann Kaspar Lavaterbefore falling from favour again in the late 19th century.[1] Physiognomy as understood in the past is clearly a pseudoscience.[2]

    While the term physiognomy is no longer used, the concept is being revived to some extent.[1] There is no clear evidence that physiognomy works.[1]

    Physiognomy is also sometimes referred to as anthroposcopy, though the expression was more common in the 19th century when the word originated.[3]

    All the Best,


  • Hello Snezhana:

    Thank you for adding me & welcome to my page.



  • Thank you for the viewing my website and commenting on the article you found interesting. :)

  • Thanks Snezhana... You are very interesting...

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