LaomaStri replied to Ada Mouw's discussion Dressing Ideas for Bass Guitar and Pedal Players?
"does anyone really think that there is a separate person for the pedal?"
Sep 23, 2022
LaomaStri replied to Maria's discussion free online slots
"Honestly, I never understood these slots. They are based on pure luck and nothing else. I like gambling, but my favorite games are the ones where it depends on you, like Poker and even sports betting. Whenever I play Poker, I try to have a good…"
Feb 14, 2022
LaomaStri replied to albert mort's discussion Separating business from personal assets
"Well, it's already pretty late, dude. You should have asked that before building the house. Now, you won't be able to split it that easily. You need to have an agreement between the two LLCs and the directors. Besides that, if you don't want to be…"
Feb 9, 2022
LaomaStri replied to albert mort's discussion Reply to topic Using KMyMoney to document bitcoin purchases in Coinbase
"Huh, I didn't even think that someone is still using KMyMoney. I mean, you can document all of our purchases from Coinbase directly on the platform. I don't understand why you would need KMyMoney for that. Besides that, why are you still on…"
Feb 8, 2022
LaomaStri replied to albert mort's discussion how to get a loan for homesteading
"Honestly, I don't think that's possible. I mean, you should ask an agricultural specialist for advice, or maybe someone else, but I don't think anyone will give you such a loan without any experience in farm management. However, if you have a great…"
Feb 4, 2022
LaomaStri replied to albert mort's discussion Averitt gun policy???
"It depends on the state that you'll be traveling to. There are many other details to be considered in such a case. It also depends on the gun you have and so forth. The last time I traveled from Nevada to Kansas, I had the sig p238 with me, and I…"
Jan 31, 2022
LaomaStri replied to albert mort's discussion New CDC Director is a dangerous Christian extremist.
"I don't understand all this fuss around this man. Honestly, why does the whole country see him as a freaking terrorist or even worse? I understand he made some wrong decisions, and maybe some of them were terrible from your point of view. However,…"
Jan 23, 2022
LaomaStri replied to albert mort's discussion Web Design Responsive
"It's not such a challenging task, actually. However, it depends on your website as well. But, you'll be able to find solutions for any sort of website on google or even on youtube. There are many kids making tutorials about these simple tasks. Even…"
Jan 20, 2022
LaomaStri replied to albert mort's discussion Having trouble in logging in "your IP is temporarily limited"
"Whenever I try to log in from my working laptop, I have the same issue. I don't understand why because I access the forum from the same IP as my iPhone or PC. You can even try to use a VPN connection. It also works. However, sometimes you'll get…"
Jan 18, 2022
LaomaStri replied to Alanic Global's discussion Well-Fit Exercise Attire Can Make You Feel Confident!
"OMG! Such good Mamacita's in that forum. Sport is not about me, but I strive to make a considerable effort and practice gym at least twice a week. Honestly, my motivation was leggings, which fit me so well, even if I am not in my best shape. I hate…"
Nov 11, 2021
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Nov 4, 2021
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