Kate replied to Alexus's discussion White Party Dresses For Women
"Evening dresses are clothes I like to choose with pleasure when going into fitting rooms. It's a pity I rarely go to special events or the theater. I have a lot of evening dresses in different colors. There are a lot of ivory or milk silk dresses…"
Nov 24
Kate replied to Nicola Ross's discussion Women's Special Occasion Dresses
"You are right. Women need dresses in which they feel beautiful. I know what flaws there are in my figure. It's hard to admit it, but I'll never have a narrow waist. My ribs are located close to the pelvis. So I try to hide this flaw with clothes. To…"
Nov 22
Kate replied to James Brown's discussion What are the Advantages of Using Makeup Bags to Store Cosmetics?
"I have a huge eyeshadow case at home. I have another case for brushes of different shapes and sizes, although most often, these brushes are in a glass on my dressing table. I don't carry a special makeup bag when I go out for a walk in the city, go…"
Oct 5
Kate replied to James Brown's discussion A Men’s Fashion Advice on how to Wear a Flannel Shirt
"I love wearing basic things because they make any outfit look stylish. And I love men who understand the importance of basic things in their closets. I don't like it when a man I go to a cafe or to the park wears t-shirts with prints or jeans with…"
Oct 4
Kate replied to James Brown's discussion How about purchasing wholesale flannel shirts at a 60 percent discount? – count on Flannel Clothing!
"I rarely buy things in bulk. Of course, flannel shirts are useful for putting together summer outfits. Plus, flannel fabric is a light and natural fabric that allows the body to breathe. So I have two flannel pajamas. But I'd rather buy many basic…"
Sep 28
Kate replied to Harryclaus's discussion What is the best design concept for a bedroom?
"Oh, I had the same problem. But my younger sisters helped me. We made the bedroom in the country house look like a princess bedroom. With canopies and cute wide bed."
Sep 22
Kate replied to James Brown's discussion Things To Look For Before You Splurge On A Stylish Handbag
"I've noticed that it's much harder for me to find small bag production flaws. Of course, it depends on the material and the color of the stitching threads. Only a person experienced in fashion can understand where there's a fake and where there's an…"
Sep 16
Kate replied to Oasis Sublimation's discussion Find The Best Custom Sublimated T Shirts Manufacturer
"I like the design of the second and fourth t-shirt. These t-shirts look unusual. Sure, minimalism is cool, but sometimes you want some cool design on t-shirts to incorporate into your everyday look. Plus, they look like the gothic t-shirts I always…"
Mar 21
Kate replied to Oasis Sublimation's discussion Looking for a Reliable Sublimation Printing Manufacturer? – Trust Oasis Sublimation!
"These themes are really only for workouts, as far as I know. You can't wear this top under a shirt, even if the fabric is very thick. Of course, you can wear it under waterproof materials, sweaters, sweatshirts. I once wore a top like this, even…"
Jan 8
Kate replied to wonderbeauty's discussion How to Care for Oily Skin
"I used to think I don't have to use a moisturizer because I have oily skin. Huge mistake"
Nov 16, 2021
Kate replied to albert mort's discussion real estate?
"Flipping is moneymaking not only in Susses, think about that."
Nov 16, 2021
Kate replied to Isabella Smith's discussion Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Travel Backpack in 2021
"Looks really nice)"
Nov 16, 2021
Kate replied to Ada Mouw's discussion Fashion Celebs Using CBD Products
"I've started using cbd oil last year, because of the pandemic, and it got me through all of this. I do really recommend it, it's great."
Nov 4, 2021
Kate replied to Antonella Mantilla's discussion Is there any online Jewelry site which has New year offers?
"There are many website from where you can buy the jewelry items with a very amazing discounts offer. But the main problem is that the website is authentic or not because some of the websites says that you have to pay for the products first then…"
Nov 3, 2021
Kate replied to suitsme online's discussion Suits Me Online
"Thanks for sharing!"
Oct 6, 2021
Kate replied to Tiffany Miles's discussion Relationship
"I've tried so many dating sites and all of them are bad, to be honest."
Oct 5, 2021
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