Charles Quand left a comment for 4uApparel
"Short and sweet....domestic production Miami based...advice on network person money.
good luck"
Jun 24, 2011
Charles Quand replied to Gerald J. Sherman's discussion What is SWOT?
"Hello Mr. Sherman,

With the overtechnicalization (is that a word?) of business....six sigma, kaisen, PDMs, PLMs, and an infinite acronyms and abbreviations... i like to cut to the quick....SWOT in a different manner is my philosophy of…"
Aug 18, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Tosho Woods's discussion Setting up a manufacturing company
"I can help, that is my business....startups...

The key questions are

Where logistically?

Who is the clientele you will seek?

What are the labor laws and regulations? The answer is not...oh do not worry the government does not care here. they may…"
Jul 30, 2010
Charles Quand replied to carlos sanchez's discussion Top Clothing Factory for Sale in Western Europe
"Hey Carlos,

Regarding this clothing factory, do you have a production profile of its facilities, capacity, capabilities etc.
Another aspect....the aforementioned clientele, is it still part of its client role. If not do you have information,…"
Jul 30, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Jacqueline Heil's discussion Looking for Suppliers
"Still looking?

how about domestically?

let me know your concerns, pre pro, production, logistics....

no minimums but small runs cost $$."
Jul 19, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Joneien Johnson's discussion Launching a Clothing Line
"I understand what you are saying....unfortunately....finding unorthodox methods means your supplier, buyers, retailers, sales people, and factory have to be ok with your different slant.

most likely will not happen....

additionally, if you are…"
Jul 19, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Xe's discussion Finding Vendors and sewing contractors!!!!!!!

Are you still looking for sewing contractors?

let me know your concerns.....we have sewing, albeit not in LA.... this is intentional....too many people looking at other people's designs.... we are in Ohio....not a backwater

the value added…"
Jul 19, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Gerald J. Sherman's discussion Fashion is driven by trends...
"Mr. Sherman,

Short but sweet. my 2 cents

Fashion is driven by perceived trends that various media outlets put forth. If, instead, a different trend is picked up on... such as embroidered sequined t-shirts or denim, with photos of glitterati…"
Jul 19, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Khatijah Aini's discussion i need help! i have lots of design but i just don't know what to do!
"Ms. Aini,

The first question to ask yourself is what do you want to do with your designs.

1. Do you want to start your own label?
2. Do you want to sell your designs to someone?
3. If you do want to start your own label, do you have the finances…"
Jul 19, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Lucy Victoria Bradbury's discussion small quantities of wholesale clothing...

I like your website it is low on bandwidth high on the content of import, clothing.

We have American based jeans production and finishing, as well as sportswear sewing....looking upon your eclectic mix of clothing you seem to require low…"
Jul 8, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Joneien Johnson's discussion Launching a Clothing Line
"I have to tell you, it is realistic and frank to look on your talents and leave that that you don't know to others. But it is inherently counterproductive not to take the lead as the president of your own design concept and company. This is your…"
Jul 8, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Doug's discussion Manufacturer Required (updated)

We can do that. The question is that "high end" is relative. American Apparel is not high end in my book. Armani A/X or Calvin Klein using fine yarns to make fine cotton fabrics would be high end. If you seek a unique identity for your label,…"
Jun 28, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Sarmistha Goswami's discussion Looking out for production houses
"Also moechten Sie eine Kleider Kaufmarke in Deutschland establisieren. Klingt recht interessant, aber wo werden Sie eigentlich dieses Geschaeft managieren. In BRD order auB Indien. Wenns Ihnen interesiert koennten Sie mal mir ein email schicken.…"
May 13, 2010
Charles Quand replied to DANACHI by jules xxx's discussion patterns
"good luck...don't hesitate to ask as much as you need's free here...better to understand it then make a mistake when you are throwing money at it...

good luck!!!!"
Apr 21, 2010
Charles Quand replied to DANACHI by jules xxx's discussion patterns
"understand also that if you are creating patterns, FIRST DETERMINE A SAMPLE SIZE and then GRADE FROM THAT SAMPLE SIZE...

Sample size 10 for example one measurement
chest 6 inches down from high shoulder point (HSP) 34 inches
Graded out
chest 12 +2"…"
Apr 20, 2010
Charles Quand replied to Apparel1 -'s discussion Fashion Industry Interns : Yes or No
"A lot of it is politically motivated. Certainly mediocre designers have talented interns and sign their name at the bottom, taking credit for someone else's work. happens all the time. at the conclusion of a time period that seems reasonable, the…"
Apr 19, 2010

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  • this is Russell from Bangladesh, manufacturer of garments. we also act as buying agents of some UK and US customer here. if you have interest at Bangladesh garments industry then please let meeee........
    web :
  • Hi Charles.
    How r u doing?
    Thanks for your post.
    Well,I am planning to open up my boutique in Germany. Looking for sampling units in India because am based out of India at present.I will be moving to Hamburg in 2 months and will be holding an exhibition of my line of Indo-western clothes and accessories. You are most welcome to take a look at my work. Will send you an invite once I finalize on the dates.
    Its really nice knowing you and will sure get in touch with you in the near future.
  • Welcome to the fashion industry network. If you have any questions about the site please do not hesitate to ask. Lad to see that you have already found the garment production group.
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