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Know how to get rid of sagging jowls without surgery

Research has indicated you can cure lots of health complication by merely enrolling for some specific exercise. It is important to note the specific areas targeted by the workout sessions to avoid wasting your energies wildly. Wrinkles, acne, and sagging jowls can be controlled by makeup or by engaging in some simple exercises that work to tighten skin tissues. To get better results when practicing on how to get rid of jowls, select exercises that target the entire face to get better results.

Causes of Sagging Jowls

Lots of factors have been said as the contributing factors of sagging jowls. Getting to comprehend some of these factors help in choosing our treatment techniques, here are some of the key contributing factors.


The natural aging process comes with lots of problems and key among them is declined production of elastin and collagen. The two are proteins responsible for making the skin smooth, firm, and elastic. Thus, as you grow older, combine your work out sessions with a proper diet to ensure the body is adequately nourished.


Some of us experience the skin condition simply because our internal skin structure is weak or skin structure. When your sagging jowls is due to genetics, there is little you can do to handle the condition, but work to combat the signs and symptoms.

Radom Weigh Gain And Weight Loss

We live in the microwave generation where we want everything almost in an instant. For instance, while a significant majority want to get healthy and lose some pounds, others want to gain some mass. However, in the process opt for options that yield instant results, and the body fails to handle the random changes. When you want to lose some weight, ensure it is a gradual process to enable the skin to adjust to the changes, and the same case applies to those who seek to add some weight.

The Bigger Picture

Before we get to some of the precise steps to get rid of sagging jowls without surgery, it is essential to understand some facts right. While you will be engaging in exercises that target specific muscles on the face, remember to engage the rest of the body and stick to a balanced diet.


Chewing causes some quick motions targeting the sagging jowls. While you get a chewing gum, remember to tilt your head with lips wide open and closing promptly to help tighten jowl muscles. Though it may seem simple, practicing the exercise 20 times each day, you can reduce the chances of getting a double chin.



Pouting involves stretching your face by use of your fingers, where you pull down your mouth from the corners. Hold your mouth in that position for five seconds and repeat it ten times a day. The muscle stretching causes a firming effect, and you can conduct the exercise while lying down to get better results.


Smiling involves lots of muscles on your face. Sagging jowls can be eliminated by merely smiling constantly. Grin as wide as you can ensuring your teeth get exposed, maintain the position while moving your head back and forth. Switch the grinning for a scowl and repeat the exercise. On the other hand, close your smile and make a bright smile to scrunch neck muscles, and remain in the position for a minute. During the exercise, you can stretch your muscles as much as possible.

Massaging the Jaw-line

For this one, pull the cheeks backward to make the corners of your mouth tight. Hold in the position and consider rubbing the jawline starting from the chin center in outward and upward motions. Repeat the exercise five times within your day, and your jowl sagging will just disappear.

Fake Yawning

Whenever you do not want to get into some rigorous exercise that takes lots of your time, here is one technique that eliminates turkey neck and jowls. All you need to do is open your mouth as wide as you can as though you are yawning and gently close it after 30 seconds. Just before calling it a quit, repeat the fake yawn a few times. In doing the exercise, you can eliminate wrinkles from the face.

Jawline Slapping

Here, just put your hand under the chin and project the mandible in an outward manner. Make rhythmic motions as though you slapping you jaw from ear to ear. You can engage both hands in the exercise to invigorate the jawline to ensure the jawline muscles get worked out thereby tightening.

Chin Tilts

This one not only targets jowl sagging but strengthens other facial muscles. Just sit upright with lips together and draw your neck and jaw muscles in an upward position. Further widen the lower lips over the upper lips as much as you can and remain in the position. Repeat the exercise five times in a day, and you will not need surgery to correct jowl sagging.

Other Options You can Consider

There exist lots of different muscles that will engage your cheek muscles, jaws, and lips. Remember you have over 50 muscles that need firming to get a glowing face without going for surgery. The best approach is always exercising your entire body to prevent the problem from occurring. Besides, ever eat right, never compromise on your dieting to make sure your whole body is nourished.

Preventive Techniques

  • Avoid overexposure to the sun,
  • Make sure you boost collagen production either from your diet or applying creams,
  • Disguise marionette lines with makeup
  • Avoid leaning towards your computer whenever you are using it,
  • Take regular breaks from your smartphone, tablet, a laptop to allow neck and facial stretching,
  • Quit smoking

Finally, remember to check for new jowl sagging elimination techniques. Besides, remember to engage the rest of the body to get better sustainable results. Wearing makeup can be applicable for persons with genetic disorders to reduce the visibility of your skin inflammation and to get an even skin tone. Skin brighteners will help you get a radiant skin making you look younger so effortlessly.

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