Urban Aces left a comment for fashindex
"Hello! Hello!
Urban Aces Magazine will have the latest in fashion, entertainment and Urban Living. Please stay tuned for the Jan 2010 launch!
Feel free to email at info@urbanaces.com for further information about opportunities within the magazine"
Dec 15, 2009
Urban Aces commented on STORM of London's blog post A Gift from STORM of London to you
"We would like to extend to you the opportunities that lay within Urban Aces Magazine. Please email me at Giselle.Rivera@urbanaces.com

Thank You,
Giselle Rivera"
Nov 17, 2009
Urban Aces commented on Jenny Chang's blog post OK OK ITS FINALLY UP
"I like it! Email me if you are interested in any collaborations. Giselle.Rivera@urbanaces.com"
Nov 17, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for Maurice Dante'
"Attached is the 2009 Advertising Rate Card for Urban Aces Magazine.

If you have any questions, please contact me at Giselle.Rivera@urbanaces.com
Nov 8, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for TyShelle Williams
"You can definitely email me at Giselle.Rivera@urbanaces.com. We can definitely talk marketing!
I look forward to hearing from you.
Giselle Rivera
Urban Aces Magazine"
Oct 30, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for antone blatch

Welcome to FIN! Thank you for the request!

I am launching Urbanaces.com in the next few weeks are so. Stay Tuned!


Urban Aces- Your Addiction to the latest in Fashion, Entertainment and Urban…"
Oct 1, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for STORM of London

Please contact me at Giselle.Rivera@urbanaces.com to talk about some exposure for your watch collection at Storm.

Hope to hear form you soon!"
Sep 29, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for D. Buchanan

We should talk, as I am launching UrbanAces.com, your new addiction to the latest in Fashion, Entertainment and Urban Living!

Sep 23, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for Maurice Dante'
So I am launching UrbanAces.com, your new addiction to Fashion, Entertainment and Urban Living, in the few weeks and I am wondering if you are still interested in some exposure. When we last spoke, I was working for Nu'Linx Magazine and you…"
Sep 22, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for zeta
"Hi Zeta,
I see that you are interested in Fashion Journalism. I am currently looking for Fashion Writers for my Fashion segment on UrbanAces.com-- your addiction to the latest in Fashion, Entertainment and Urban Living. Please feel free to contact…"
Sep 22, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for Deanna Jackson
"Thank You VERY VERY much! It's thrilling to see women in action and in high places! I love how we have proven that we can work just as hard as men...except smarter! =)"
Sep 19, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for Danny D'Icon
"Hi Danny,
I just read your message and I am happy to help you with your clothing label. Unfortunately, the link above does not direct me to a website. Please email me at Riveragis@gmail.com and we can discuss our first steps to the process. Hope to…"
Jun 15, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for Maurice Dante'
"Hi! Thank you for your interest in Nu'Linx Magazine. What type of involvement are you seeking? Are you interested in doing advertisement with Nu'Linx? If so, right now is one of the best times to do so, as I am currently working with companies on an…"
Apr 7, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for Jennifer Causley
"Hi Jennifer,
I sent you an email with some information. Hope to hear from you soon!!!

Thanks again"
Apr 2, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for MS. WILLIAMS with Unik Marketing
"The new issue is out...check it out www.nulinxmag.com"
Apr 1, 2009
Urban Aces left a comment for Jennifer Causley
"Hi Jennifer,
Great Jewlery! if you are ever interested in getting more exposure, send me a comment, message, or even an email, as I can get you exposure through Nu'Linx Magazine, the latest online Fashion Magazine. Email:…"
Apr 1, 2009

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  • Im Brenda Mallory, Fashion designer, House of Dorcas Divine Designs.  I'm interested in being a part of your magazine.   www.houseofdorcas.net
  • Hi!

    I have read that you are re-launching your magazine. I just have a suggestion for your mag. Why don't you feature rising fashion bloggers as well? Fashion bloggers are getting more and more influential in the fashion industry. It can help you fill your magazine and help them fashion bloggers shine even more. :) 

  • Hi Team Urban Aces,


    Im a fashion illustrator interested in advertisting in my artwork in your online magazine.

    Take a look at my site,google DRESDECOUR.COM.

    Let me know.


  • Hi there! I run a fabulous Fashion Blog and would LOVE to have you as a follower. The blog is called “All that Glitters” and is a go-to website for all things girly and glamorous in the fashion world. Also, it would be amazing if you could give me some feedback or suggestions using your fashion knowledge and experience! Thank you so much and feel free to share my link with friends! Have a glam day!
    All that Glitters: Girly Fashion Trends
    Twitter Page
    Facebook Fan Page
  • Thanks for having me!
    Do You know what the term 'urban living' remindes me of?
    The capital we are living in -Addis :capital of Africa.
    You know how we live like - the natives? To every extrimity you can imagine.Thats like there are people who drive expensive cars and there are people who starve for days.
    And that's how we dress up .Because of the exposure to people of different culture the majority especially youngsters prefer modern life styles But then tha aged go for identity.Therefore trying to bridge the gap between generations through designes is at the heart of my trials.I will join you soon with what I have done.
  • Hello,
    you can take a look at my design on www.dragica07.bloger.hr.
    I don't know if you read anything about me or my collection, in case you didn't here is a copy of text on my page:
    For my creations I often use my painting technique on linen. Therefore, my work is characterized as art in fashion. The thing which makes my work special, is the use of wool, leather and silk (plain, mostly white, designed by my own hand, with the colours for silk). That is why my models are made of plain material which are, after I come up with the original pattern, even more brightly painted by my hand using colours for silk. Also, I use a unique technique of embroidery, which I use to ornament my models. My motives are made by sewing on of beads done by hand. Having all this in mind, one can see that my collection is completely made by hand, with the combination of painting and embroidery, and therefore it is very highly appraised.
  • ok-
    share u many informartion bring u information, join this communties-
    we help u to promotions,..blogs to many others..
    tanks :)
  • Hello my name yahya i am work in fashion community in surabaya..
    Share with me..about fashion...:)
    Need Sale or Promotions Your Product Designer - Please Join our Communties in Surabaya..
  • could i get that info again!
  • Can't wait to for Urban Aces to launch. Love to see us women doing out own thing! Congrats to you!
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